A New Threat in Star Trek Fleet Command: The Gorn Hunter Hostiles

By rebekah 9 April 2024

“We are prey. When they hunt, they are unrelenting. The truth is plenty of people have seen the Gorn. They just don’t live long enough to talk about it.”

-La’an Noonian Singh


Brace yourselves–the unrelenting hunters have arrived! With the return of the Strange New Worlds story arc comes their most fearsome enemy. Now for the first time, Commanders ops 40 and above will be able to challenge the Gorn as they appear in Strange New Worlds. Be warned, Commanders; the Gorn are not to be taken lightly!

The warships of the Gorn are constructed of a strange material that is immune to conventional weapons fire. Fortunately, they are vulnerable to isolytic weaponry. To defeat them, you will need to bring a ship or a crew that can deal isolytic damage. Be certain not to neglect isolytic defense, however! The Gorn ships may be vulnerable to isolytic damage, but their own weapons also make use of it!

For defeating these dangerous enemies, you will receive loot that can be used to trade for a variety of exciting rewards! Resources, temporal artifact shards, and shards of officers from the Voyager and Enterprise-E synergy groups can be yours, if you are up for the challenge.

The Gorn can be found in the following new systems:


  • Pentasto
  • Heloderma
  • Daboia
  • Dendroa


  • Malaco
  • Varanus
  • Temminck
  • Cirriped


  • Trias
  • Juras
  • Cretac
  • Ophio
  • Pteros
  • Rioha

These hostiles will be your first opponents where the entire fight will be decided by isolytic damage. For easy reference, here are all the things currently in the game that can affect your isolytic damage vs hostiles:


  • Enterprise-E Picard
  • Enterprise-E Data
  • Kathryn Janeway


  • Combat tree:
    • Prime Isolytic Damage
  • Territory tree:
    • De-lak DOH! (for Klingon ships)
    • Baleful Tactics (for Federation ships)
    • Tan Qalanq’s Edge (for Romulan ships)

Starships tree:

  • Tachyon Hostile Eruption (requires Monaveen to research)

Fleet Commanders:

  • Sloan:
    • Isolytic Intel


  • Captain Proton’s Blaster
  • Blade of Tkon
  • Vidiian Honatta Organ Harvester
  • Picard’s Ressikin Flute
  • King M’Benga’s Crown
  • Riker’s Trombone
  • Kataan Telescope
  • Borg Queen’s Remains

We wish you luck out there, commanders.


The Star Trek Team