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Anomaly Events – Update

By Star Trek 17 September 2020


Thanks for all your feedback regarding the Anomalous Phenomena events. We are constantly working to amend the problems that inhibit you from having the best experience possible . 

Here are a few details to clarify the event mechanics and changes we’ve made based on your feedback.

How the Anomalous Phenomena events work:

Anomalous Phenomena events are separated into 1) Mining OR 2) Hostile hunting. Be sure to read the event description carefully to determine which activity is required for that particular event.

Predictable timing: Events will now start at the top of every hour (9:00 am, 10:00 am, etc…) to make planning around participation easier. You will also see a new icon in the top right of your HUD along with icons over systems in your Galaxy view at the start of each event.

Duration: These events have been extended from 10 minutes to 15 minutes. We’ve also included a 3 minute announcement window to allow for more prep time.

Location:The system locations are randomized by design. 5 of the 15 new Anomaly systems (see full list below) will host an event.

Note: Using the USS Discovery, with its instant warp capability, will provide an advantage to players in completing these events.

How Chaotic Space events work:

Milestones: After hearing your feedback, we decided to reduce the number of milestones from 10 to 5, requiring players to complete less Anomalous Phenomena events per day.

Rewards: The reward payouts will remain the same. In other words, you will receive the same rewards that you would have received when the event had 10 milestones vs. now that it only has 5.

Here are all the Anomaly systems which are tied to the events:

Level 23 Systems (level 21, 23, 25 hostiles):

  • Amagi
  • Arcadion
  • Babishta
  • Esteria
  • Izanami
  • Jizo
  • Netron Alpha
  • Netron Omega
  • Salara
  • Tenzen-1029

Level 28 Systems (level 27, 29 hostiles):

  • Cada-X
  • Dis
  • Nalomas
  • Risette
  • Sae

We are extremely grateful for all the feedback we’ve received and will diligently continue to address your concerns.