Battle Tactics: Introducing the Kir’shara Artifact and Tarka’s Isolytic Weapon

By rebekah 16 April 2024

“You’re outmanned, you’re outgunned, you’re out-equipped. What else have you got?”

-Commander Riker and Lieutenant Worf

Commanders, we understand that you may have encountered a number of challenging situations recently: dangerous waves of numerous aggressive hostiles, enemies that can only be defeated with isolytic damage, and battles that take place in daunting far-off locations. The galaxy is a dangerous place, and in order to better equip you for these challenges, we are excited to offer a look at some of the new battle tactics coming soon, and how to make use of them!

Queued Attacks – The Kir’shara Artifact

Having trouble keeping up with the pressure of Wave Defense? Or maybe you just want to be able to target more than one ship at a time during your dailies? Once you have the new Kir’shara Artifact in your possession, you can select a series of targets to destroy with logical precision. Doing so is as simple as selecting a hostile to attack, and then selecting another hostile while your ship is traveling to engage the first. You will be able to queue up a series of attacks for each ship under your control, with the limit determined by your Kir’shara Artifact level.

If a hostile in your queue is destroyed by someone else before you get to it, it will be removed from your queue and you will continue to the next target. To cancel your attack queue, simply order your ship to move without attacking.

Tarka’s Isolytic Weapon – Forbidden Tech

The Gorn Hunters are powerful enemies, and to pierce their defenses will take an even more powerful weapon. With the new Forbidden Tech Tarka’s Isolytic Weapon, the hunter becomes the prey.

Tarka’s Isolytic Weapon provides the following bonuses:

  • Increases Isolytic Cascade vs Gorn Hunter Hostiles (8%-50%)
  • Increases base Hull Health (unlocked at Tier 3, 100%-2500%)
  • Increases Isolytic Defense vs Hostiles (unlocked at Tier 6, 10%-80%)
  • Increases base Damage vs Hostiles (unlocked at Tier 8, 150%-2500%)

In addition to the powerful benefit of Tarka’s Isolytic Weapon itself, owning it will also provide you with a daily claim of Isolytic Artifact Tickets in the Forbidden Tech refinery! The amount of the claim is linked to the tier of Tarka’s Isolytic Weapon, and the reward table is as follows:

Tier 11057
Tier 22114
Tier 33171
Tier 44228
Tier 55285
Tier 66342
Tier 77399
Tier 88456
Tier 99513
Tier 1010570
Tier 1111627
Tier 1212684

It costs 4228 tickets to do a single chest pull of Isolytic Artifacts, so with a well developed Tarka’s Isolytic Weapon you may find yourself experiencing a significant improvement in the isolytic capabilities of your fleet before long!

Borg Cube Transwarp Drive – Refit

The Borg Cube has been a favorite of Commanders everywhere, and with this new refit you can use it to travel great distances. Once the Transwarp Drive refit has been unlocked, the Borg Cube will be able to instantly move through the galaxy to arrive at its destination. Doing so will cost Transwarp Manifolds, which will be available as a daily claim under Ship Resources in Gifts.

All of these new abilities will be available this month in the store, and we look forward to seeing the tables turned on the challenging new enemies!


The Star Trek Team