Begin Your Journey–Get a Free Unlock of an Epic Officer

By rebekah 8 March 2024

Greetings, New Commanders!

Set your phasers to excitement because you’ve just embarked on an epic journey in Star Trek Fleet Command!

Starfleet is rolling out the red carpet for you with daily welcome gifts. Don’t forget to log in each day and snag those rewards before they vanish into deep space.

These gifts are carefully curated to give your early command journey a boost. We’re talking resources, tech, and more to help you boldly go where no one has gone before.

On Day 1, players can unlock Ship XP, Explorer Parts, Station Materials, Recruit Tokens, and Epic Nero Shards.

On Day 2, players can look forward to Officer XP, Battleship Parts, Recruit Tokens, an SNW Badge Avatar, and progress towards their Epic Nero unlock.

Logging into Day 3 will get you Build and Repair Speedups, Survey Parts, and Epic Nero shards.

Look forward to Build Speedups, Officer XP, Parsteel, and Epic Nero shards on Day 4.

On Day 5, the unlocks will be Premium Recruit tokens, Repair Speedups, Ship XP, and Epic Nero shards.

Making it to Day 6, players can look forward to Build Speedups, Survey Parts, Interceptor Parts, and Epic Nero shards.

And if you’re diligent, you’ll unlock your very own Epic Romulan Captain Nero in just 7 days. Miss a day, and you’ll be stuck in spacedock a bit longer.

Take the conn–the final frontier awaits!


-The Star Trek Team