Borg Cube Feature Spotlight

By gabriel 7 November 2023

Resistance is Futile!

We are no strangers to the Borg in Star Trek Fleet Command. Whether it’s the officer on our ships, the Ex Borg Faction, or the many Borg foes scattered across the galaxy, they are a force to reckon with!.

However, for the first time in Star Trek Fleet Command history, we have a piece of their tech never thought to be attainable. Commanders, the Borg Cube is at your disposal now, as one of your ships, and we have all the information you need to get up to speed:

Acquiring and Tiering Up

The Borg Cube is available to all Commanders operations level 28 and above. The blueprints can be obtained from the free and elite tracks of the Update 60 battle pass. Unlike any ship before, the Borg Cube is meant to grow with you as you progress through your Star Trek Fleet Command journey and scales based on the power of your other Faction Ships. The Borg Cube is formidable and will be on par (or better) with your  faction ship’s power.

You can see the breakdown of the tier requirements for the Borg Cube here:

Warp Component TierRestrictionTier
2Ops 33N/A
3Ops 36N/A
4G3 Epic3
5G3 Epic6
6G4 Unc6
7G4 Rare6
8G4 Epic4
9G4 Epic8
10G5 Unc6
11G5 Rare6
12G5 Epic4
13G5 Epic8
14G6 Unc9
15G6 Rare9
16G6 Epic6
17G6 Epic18

As you can see, the Borg Cube grows progressively stronger, all the way to operations level 70, at which point, it will become the most powerful ship in Star Trek Fleet Command, surpassing the strongest Epic faction ship.

Borg Cutting Beam

On top of its natural combat prowess, the Borg Cube has a Cutting Beam, one-of-a-kind active ship ability that allows you to do damage outside of normal combat.

To charge the Borg Cutting Beam, you must deal hull damage in normal combat situations with the Borg Cube. Once charged, you may select the ship you wish to fire upon from anywhere in the same system and select the Borg Cutting Beam Icon on the enemy pop-up.

Note: The Borg Cutting Beam can not be used on Armadas, Stations, or Alliance Star Bases. Also, the Borg Cutting Beam will have diminishing returns on its damage when attacking a target a higher ops level than you are.

The Borg Cutting Beam is also unique in that it bypasses all defenses and does direct hull damage. Current officers in Star Trek Fleet Command and research not found specifically for the Borg Cube will not affect its damage or charge rate

Destroying hostiles with the Borg Cutting beam provides full loot that you would typically gain from the target as well as Technological Distinctiveness.

Upgrade and Research

By destroying enemies with the Borg Cutting Beam, you will be rewarded with Technological Distinctiveness. This material can only be seen in the battle log after destroying a hostile. The amount of Technological Distinctiveness you receive will increase based on the level of hostile you destroy with the Borg Cutting Beam.

This material can then be exchanged in the refinery by navigating to the “Borg Cube Refinery in the “Support Tab” for either upgrade material to tier up your Borg Cube, or for the material needed to progress the new Borg Cube research nodes, which can be found in the Ex-Borg research tree.

As you progress your Borg Cube, you will need Borg Data Nodes from one of the three factions (Federation, Klingon, and Romulan). Upon reaching one of the above milestones with your faction ships, you will be rewarded with a Borg Data Node from the corresponding faction, which can be claimed in the gifts tab. This means that if you so choose, you can acquire and tier up three Borg Cubes.

Note: If you already have a faction ship high enough for, say, a tier 8 Borg Cube, then you will get all Borg Data Nodes needed to get to tier 8.

This is a power never before seen in Star Trek Fleet Command, and we know you will use it well. 

Remember: We are the Borg, You will be Assimilated, Resistance is Futile!