Commander’s Legacy Reel

By alan 5 October 2023

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From Legend to Legacy – Unveiling your Commander’s Legacy Reel 

Your Commander Legacy Reel has arrived. A stunning personalized stats video that offers a glimpse into your Star Trek Fleet Command legacy!

Visit this portal with your player ID to redeem your legacy reel.

The Legacy Reel is a cinematic retrospective of your journey in the Star Trek Fleet Command universe, meticulously crafted to showcase your most epic accomplishments. The Legacy Reel is a testament to your skills, strategies, and adventures throughout the galaxy. 

This is your chance to celebrate your achievements  and share your story with fellow Commanders.

Requirements to receive your Legacy Reel – 

Before you can receive your Legacy Reel you must meet the following criteria – 

1. Ops Level 25 or higher – This ensures that you’ve journeyed far enough into the game and have a rich history worth celebrating.

2. Scopely Account –  Ensure you have a Scopely Account associated with your Star Trek Fleet Command profile. To create a Scopely account, open STFC, select settings in your player profile then “Sign in with Scopely ID”. For more details visit this page.

3. Recently Active –  Maintain an active presence in the Star Trek Fleet Command universe by logging in at least once in the last 30 days. This ensures that your Legacy Reel will be up-to-date and reflective of your latest adventures.

Receiving your Reel – 

Once you meet the criteria, you’ll be eligible to claim your Legacy Reel. Here’s how it works:

1. Check Your Email –  Check your inbox for your legacy reel email. This will take you directly to your Reel. 

3. Share Your Legacy –  After viewing your Legacy Reel, share it with your friends, alliance members and fellow Commanders. Celebrate your journey together and reminisce about your adventures in the galaxy.

4. Enter to Win – Be sure to share on official Star Trek Fleet Command social and community platforms in a public post with the hashtag #stfclegacy. Winners will be selected at random to win both in and out of game items. Grand prize winners will sit down with the STFC art team to create their very own custom in-game avatar

Don’t wait – the Legacy Reel is here for a limited time, and your legacy awaits it’s moment in the spotlight. Your Legacy is just the beginning!