D20 – Release notes

By Star Trek 7 July 2020

The Exchange


Here you can read the release notes related to patch D20.

New Content: The Exchange: Outlaws Part 2

“The businesses put a lot of time and effort into keeping people like us away from the Exchange.”

Khan and Mudd have formed a reluctant alliance in order to uncover a conspiracy of galactic proportions. They’ve got you on their side, but that’s not enough. To fund their dangerous mission, they’ll need a crew – and an incentive to keep them together. Mudd has chosen a target as ambitious as it is suicidal: The Exchange.

Choose your targets, and prepare to run some heists! Newly fortified vaults and banks within the Alpha Quadrant’s commercial and entertainment sector, The Exchange, are prime targets for Mudd and Khan’s new operation. In order to make the most of their assaults, Mudd has found a new ship to use as a getaway cruiser, which he has named the Stella.

“We target a handful of the largest businesses in the galaxy. We rob each of them over the course of a few days. We cover our tracks. We’ll have a new crew in no time.”

Outlaws Research Tree

A new Research Tree is coming, and it brings lots of new ways to increase the power of the Botany Bay, reduce G4 repair costs, power up the new ship – The Stella, increase power against the new Eclipse hostiles that plague the Outlaw and the Exchange space, a warp speed bonus and many more! Scrap the Stella in order to gain resources to unlock special nodes in the tree.

Stella – Mudd’s ship

Introducing Harry Mudd’s ship, The Stella. The Stella excels at fighting Eclipse hostiles and new Outlaw Armadas. It also has a unique new mechanic. Tier up the Stella, fight off the new hostiles and then scrap and rebuild the Stella to gain rewards! Use the Outlaws Research tree to upgrade the Stella’s power and capability. Once the Stella has been scrapped, a blueprint token will be provided which can be used in the rogue faction store to acquire all the necessary blueprints to rebuild the Stella.

To receive the Stella, traverse through the Battle Pass and unlock the Blueprints. Once you have unlocked this milestone on the Battle Pass you will receive a quest called “Practice Makes Perfect” which will provide you with a tutorial on how to use the Stella. It is necessary to unlock the “Stella Research” node in the Outlaws Research tree in order to build the Stella, which gives 300% bonus damage to the Stella when fighting Eclipse targets. 

Rogue Faction + Faction Store

The Rogue Faction is now beaming into the galaxy. Within the Faction Store you’ll be able to unlock Outlaws-related content and much more to come! 

Once traversing through the new Outlaws loop, Kill eclipse hostiles to gain Eclipse Security Codes which can be spent in the faction store and mine data, defeat hostiles and armadas in the new Rogue and Exchange systems to gain reputation and resources that can be spent in the faction store. This Faction store will function similarly as other Faction stores.

New Outlaw Missions

Twenty new free missions will be now available through the Battle Pass. These continue the story of Harry Mudd teaming up with Khan and the Augments. Also three new side mission chains will be available through premium packs in the store!

New Eclipse Armada Target(s) & Eclipse (new hostiles)

Calling all available Commanders to board the Stella. New Outlaw Armada targets are ready to attack, as Eclipse are scheming behind the scenes, threatening our galaxy!

  • Two Outlaw Armada Targets – Uncommon, Rare 
  • Eclipse hostiles

Improvement: Ships hiding under mission planets and mining nodes are now targetable

Developer Comments: Previously, players were able to make their ships untargetable by hiding under mission planets and nodes, which frustrated many of our players We have now fixed the unintended experience by making it so players can select ships that are stacked on each other. . We know some players enjoyed the strategy this unintended experience offered and will continue to look into ways to offer unique, intended strategy mechanics for PVP combat in the future.

  • If ships are stacked on top of mission planets or mining nodes, you will be able to select any targetable objects in that stack by using the arrow buttons that appear after tapping on that point in space.

Improvement: Battle Pass milestone points requirements are now visible in the rewards popup

Developer Comments: Previously, players were unable to see the points required to reach each Battle Pass milestone. This made it difficult to understand the feasibility of earning all the rewards. We have updated the Battle Pass rewards popup to include  the missing points required information.

Improvement: Players with a maxed tier D’Vor now have the option to refine additional parts

Developer Comments: After maxing out the D’Vor, players could no longer refine D’Vor parts in the refinery. This change means players with one maxed out D’Vor now have the ability to refine parts in the refinery for additional D’Vors.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with G4 crit chance not working properly
  • Fixed the missing Corrupted and Decoded Data nodes in Augment space.
  • Fixed an issue with the Franklin Warp Conduit indicating to be acquired by completing Franklin Part 2 instead of Franklin Part 3
  • Fixed an issue with the Synergy group “Shakedown Cruise” causing ships to become nonfunctional in battle (Pike + Moreau + Leslie)
  • Fixed an issue with the first event of an event bucket not showing its headline.
  • Fixed an issue with player levels not showing correctly in different zoom levels in the system.
  • Fixed an issue with the upgrade inconsistency of the level 42 Drydock.
  • Fixed an issue where promoting or demoting Alliance members would skip ranks.
  • Fixed an issue where the WiFi symbol remains stuck on the screen even though the connection is stable.