Deep Space has Arrived

By Star Trek 16 December 2019


With over a full year of Fleet Command in the captain’s log, we’re most excited for what’s to come as we grow and evolve the game alongside the community in its second year. Today, we’re rolling out the Deep Space update which will massively expand the universe, the tools at your disposal to navigate it and set up Commanders of all levels for another year of boldly going where no one has gone before. 

For the complete details, read on below!


The Deep Space update introduces a new frontier, with 120 new star systems to explore, 12 new ships to unlock, 60 new upgrades to research, and over 400 new missions and Star Trek stories to experience. To prepare you for these new challenges, we released the Combat Update last month which increased the power and relevance of your ships and officers. Additionally, today’s update includes new upgrades, daily goals, events, and buildings like the Scrapyard. These new tools will help all Commanders navigate through the galaxy as you head towards the mysteries of Deep Space.

Deep Space 

Systems in Deep Space exist at the farthest reaches of the galaxy and may only be viewed when you have a ship or station currently present within them. Deep Space is full of valuable resources, dangerous enemies, and secrets waiting to be discovered. Team up with allied Commanders to share valuable intel, explore the unknown, and stake your claim!  

The Scrapyard          

We’ve heard community requests, and are pleased to roll out a new building called the Scrapyard. All players who reach level 20 may now construct the Scrapyard and dismantle unused ships to receive valuable resources, including a chance for materials for the next tier of ships! Resources returned are based on the ship and its level, and the level of the Scrapyard determines the ships that you are eligible to scrap. Once you scrap a ship, it will be permanently destroyed. The Scrapyard will help you progress faster while providing a use for older ship parts and blueprints. 

Strange New Worlds

With over 400 new missions, this update will introduce new characters, stories, planets, and more. Over 75 new missions are now available in the Labac and Obilent systems to all Commanders who have reached level 17, providing a new introduction to each major faction and rewarding blueprints from powerful ships like the D3, Mayflower, and Legionary. Discover the remaining missions to continue the central storyline, learn more about each faction, and experience new and familiar Star Trek stories!

To Boldly Go…

We’re excited for the next year of Star Trek Fleet Command and watching as all Commanders boldly go towards Deep Space to uncover new worlds, life, and civilizations. We’ll continue releasing major updates which grow and evolve the Fleet Command universe throughout the coming year, and look forward to both your feedback and the adventures to come

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where a ship that was supposed to enter warp state is forced into a battle with a faction combat ship and win

  • Fixed a bug where marauder ships are stuck on top of an Armada target
  • Fixed an issue with players not seeing hostiles and Armadas in certain systems
  • Fixed an issue where hostiles would not spawn in certain systems
  • Fixed an issue with mines not working properly
  • Fixed an issue with loading stuck on ‘Downloading game state’ or ‘Preparing’ after losing internet connection while logging in
  • Fixed an exploit with the Augur destroying rare armadas easily
  • Fixed an issue with a defending Ship in station combat will get stuck when applying a peace shield
  • Fixed the exploit of the cancel warp feature using the “Stop” button (Ships were tappable on mines or stations)
  • Fixed an issue where high-level Ships couldn’t attack station

Live long and prosper, Commanders.