Event: Build the Universal Translator

By rebekah 11 March 2024

“The translator’s not making a whole lot of sense to him, sir.”

-Hoshi Sato

“Then forget the translator, do it yourself!”

-Jonathan Archer

There are over 7000 known languages on the planet Earth today. In the infinite vastness of the final frontier, there may well be an infinite variety of languages! To communicate with new life and new civilizations, a tool was developed: The Universal Translator.

But this technology did not come into existence overnight, nor was it without flaws in its early development. Some languages were much harder than others to translate, and that led to some communication difficulties.

Commanders, right now we have some strange transmissions coming in that our translator has been unable to properly process. They appear to be a Klingon dialect that is proving problematic for the system. Fortunately, the linguistic expert Hoshi Sato is available, and she may be able to help.

If you have Hoshi Sato unlocked, she will assist you with the translation of these communications, and with her help you will be able to identify what they are asking you to do. Follow the instructions from the transmissions, and you will be rewarded!


-The Star Trek Team