Event: Interspecies Illnesses

By rebekah 18 March 2024

“Captain, please, you needn’t be concerned. I hold six degrees in interspecies veterinary medicine.”

“I thought you were just, you know, a people doctor?”

“As a matter of fact I also earned degrees in dentistry, hemotology, botanical pharmacology–”

“I’m impressed!”

-Dr. Phlox and Jonathan Archer


A mysterious plague has swept across the galaxy, Commanders! Its origins are a mystery, and thus far no species has demonstrated any resistance to it. Fortunately, Dr. Phlox of the Interspecies Medical Exchange is on the job! Work together with this legend of medicine and find a cure before it is too late!

Your station’s facilities are already equipped for just the kind of medical analysis that will be needed to develop a cure for this plague. To that end, Dr. Phlox will provide you with deliveries of Biological Samples for you to test.

Analyze these samples to receive Medical Test Results that will then be used in combating the plague. Your station has both a large and a small analysis device, and you can choose which one to use for these samples. Both devices will analyze one sample at a time, but the large one takes longer to finish. Science of this sort is always uncertain, and the quality of the test results will reflect that. You might get lucky and have a breakthrough, or you might make slow but steady progress. The larger of the two analysis devices has the potential for a larger breakthrough, if you feel it is worth the risk. In some rare cases, the device will produce some new Biological Samples along with the Medical Test Results, allowing you to use them to run another analysis.

Dr. Phlox himself is critical to the development of the cure, and if you happen to have him unlocked, he will supervise the analysis himself, giving you a significant boost to the chances of getting more Medical Test Results.

Dr. Phlox uses a wide variety of esoteric creatures in his research as well as in his treatment plans. He had been planning on doing the same with this plague, but it appears that six of his cages are empty! If you can track down his missing critters, they can each be used to generate a one time reward of Medical Test Results. The six missing critters are:

  • Pyrithian Bat
  • Immunocytic Gel Worm
  • Lyssarian Desert Larvae
  • Osmotic Eel
  • Regulan Bloodworms
  • Loose Tribble

Good luck with your medical analysis, Commanders! Dr. Phlox and the galaxy are counting on you!


-The Star Trek Team