Feature Highlight: The War Room

By rebekah 8 April 2024

“Rest assured, Commander, we will be victorious, at whatever the cost.”

“Worf, it’s just a game, a friendly little competition. You work up a sweat, you have a few laughs, and you make new friends.

“If winning is not important, then, Commander, why keep score?”

-Commander Riker and Lieutenant Worf


The Ferengi Alliance has enjoyed their dealings with you, and the Treasury facility they provided has been of great benefit as well. But theirs is the way of trade, resource extraction, and cargo transportation. The Klingons follow the Way of the Warrior. And now, with the addition of the new War Room facility, so can you!

The War Room, once constructed, will provide you with fleet-wide bonuses of increased shield HP, increased officer stats, and increased isolytic damage. It will also give you access to the new and regularly recurring War Room event. Like the previously introduced regularly recurring Treasury events, it will be a week-long period in which you must score points to unlock the reward at the end. But this is where the similarity ends.

Klingons are not Ferengi, and you will not be opening your Warchest by engaging in your typical daily activities. To earn the Warchest, you will need to fight! You will not be fighting alone, as the War Room event and scoring is shared among all the members of your alliance.

By engaging in PvP activity over the course of the week, your alliance will accumulate the points needed to receive Warchest Keys. Once you have the keys, you can open the chest and receive your reward. The rewards from the Warchest scale both to the level of your Operations and to the level of your War Room. If you want the greatest rewards from the Warchest, you’ll want to upgrade the War Room.

Rewards can include:

  • Basic and Σ Resources
  • Materials
  • Ship Parts
  • Emblems of Honor
  • Seals of Ko’tal, which will unlock the exclusive Tactical Warmonger Research Node

In addition, the building provides the following Buffs:

  • War Room Shield Health: 20% -> 3200%
  • War Room Officer Stats: 10% -> 2250%
  • War Room Isolytic Damage: 0.50% -> 50%

We recognize that not every Commander feels the Klingon warrior spirit driving them, but the War Room facility will provide excellent bonuses regardless of your participation in the event. The event is also set up so that the more aggressive members of your alliance can contribute to the success of everyone else, so, as with many other aspects of life, choose your friends and allies wisely!



The Star Trek Team