In Warps Promo Codes!

By gabriel 8 June 2023


We’re happy to announce that Star Trek Fleet Command now has promo codes! What does this mean you may ask? This means that there will be a variety of ways for new and current Commanders to collect a variety of items, such as officer shards completely free! Check out a full breakdown on where you may find promo codes and how to redeem them.

Promo codes are new to Star Trek Fleet Command and will let Commanders redeem specific phrases or codes on the Star Trek Fleet Command Webstore for free items. These promo codes may appear on promotional material, social media posts, community events, and much more!

Once you have one of these codes, you are going to want to head on over to the Star Trek Fleet Command webstore and click on the “Redeem Code” tab:

Next, you’ll be asked to sign-in using your Scopely Account. Make sure your Star Trek Fleet Command account is linked to your Scopely Account before redeeming your code!

Once signed in with your Scopely Account simply enter the code:

Once you’ve done that you’ve officially redeemed the code and the items will be automatically sent to your account!

Promo codes may become available during special events, holidays, and more in the very near future. Be sure to keep your eyes open for your chance at redeeming for free in-game items!