Introducing a new way to login

By Star Trek 10 August 2021


We are happy to announce Scopely Account – a unified new way to login to not only Star Trek Fleet Command, but all Scopely games! With Scopely Account you can now use the same account to play cross-platform between mobile and PC, safely save your progress, and receive exclusive rewards!

By signing up now and reaching level 5 you’ll receive:

  • 2400 Ultra Recruit Tokens
  • 450 Premium Recruit Tokens
  • 25 Badgey Officer Shards (Full unlock!)
  • And an Avatar!

Upon reaching level 25 you’ll receive another set of rewards featuring:

  • 2400 Ultra Recruit Tokens
  • 450 Premium Recruit Tokens
  • 25 Badgey Officer Shards
  • 10 Tendi Epic Officer Shards

With Scopely ID you also can claim free Epic Officer Shards daily from the Star Trek Fleet Command Webstore!


How to create your Login

First head in-game, click on your account avatar in the top left corner, and go to setting

Select “General Setting” and then press “Sign In“.

Add your email address and password, then hit “Register

Once confirmed, you’ll be able to see that your account has been linked correctly!

Backup your Account

Once registered and logged in with your email, you can easily reinstall the game on another/new device. Since your progress has been saved, you can jump right into the action where you left off. Switching between multiple devices has never been easier! Enter the Scopely-verse and play other Scopely games (like WWE Champions) with your new ID. 

To avoid potential account information from being lost, we suggest writing down your in-game ID. Only one Scopely Account can be linked to an account, trying to log into a new Scopely Account can result in losing game progress.