Introducing Emergency Field Rations

By Sierra 30 May 2024

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We recently introduced a new type of currency—Emergency Field Rations—and we’d like to provide some context around it and explain how it benefits you. 

What are the Emergency Field Rations? 

In short: a means to respond faster to tech issues players might experience. By leveraging this system, we aim to deliver compensation more efficiently, and give you a choice on spending the rations. 

Visibility and usage

The rations are not OPS locked, so everyone will see the Emergency Field Ration store if they have at least one ration (similar to how multiphasics credits work). The only exception is that players under OPS 20 will not have access to the Galactic Recruit option. The rations never expire.


Emergency Field Rations will be distributed solely through the normal compensation processes in case of issues; which we’ll continue announcing via Discord and Reddit as usual.

Will there only be Emergency Field Rations from now on?

While we strive to streamline the process by using this system, there might be very specific issues that warrant a specific type of item, different from the Emergency Field Rations. So, for this reason, the compensations we send out won’t be exclusively using the rations.

Why 3 options? 

Meaningful Progression – They support advancement in three core areas of the game:

  • Materials for general progression – via the Elite Daily Reward Chips
  • Syndicate for research – via the Syndicate XP
  • Officer sourcing – via the Galactic Recruit

Future Prospects

While we may consider adding more options in the future, for now, the Emergency Field Rations will include these three choices. We want to ensure that these remain a special and impactful form of compensation.

-The STFC Team