Introducing G6

By gabriel 8 November 2023

Brace yourselves for a monumental update, unveiling a boundless universe ripe for exploration! Beware, though: the path forward is filled with peril in the form of hazards and menacing anomalies, a challenge meant for the boldest of commanders to conquer. What other surprises await us? Such a vast expansion demands a shift in our approach to resources and time, but fear not! Any Parsteel, Tritanium, or Dilithium you might have stored up to this point won’t become obsolete. Find out tomorrow how you can convert these to the new Σ-resources! And that’s not all: following launch, a special bonus refinery to facilitate the conversion will be at your fingertips, enhancing the experience even more   …And this is just the beginning. Welcome to G6, where the cosmos awaits your fearless discovery!

  • Increase in level cap (level 70)
  • New system anomalies called “Hazards”
  • New Daily Goals
  • New Σ resources
  • 120 new systems
  • 275+ new missions
  • 6 new Faction ranks
  • 12 new Faction Ships and 1 Faction Agnostic Ship
  • Combat Research tree extension
  • And more

There is a lot to cover, Commander, so let’s get started.


Hazards are a brand new obstacle to overcome in many of the systems located in G6 space. When selecting a system, the system card will display if there is a hazard, and what type it is:

  • Ion Storm
  • Asteroid Field
  • Radiation
  • Nameless Horror

When a ship is in a system with a type of Hazard in it, you will notice the hull health of the ship will change color, indicating that you are in a hazard system.

Different systems will have different types of Hazards, each of which will impact your ship, dealing damage over time to the ship in the system. These hazards bypass normal mitigation and deal damage directly to the ship’s hull. To limit the amount of damage done to your ship, you’ll need to obtain Hazard Resistance, and your ships will receive less damage from the Hazard

By risking the hazards in these systems, you will be able to complete Hazards Daily Goals to get access to special G6 Research Nodes while getting more loot, reputation, and mining faster and better mines.

Σ Resources

The new expansion of the galaxy has brought with it new discoveries that can be used to increase the power of your station and fleet. There are three types of Σ resources:

  • Σ Parsteel
  • Σ Tritanium
  • Σ Dilithium

Upon leveling up your station generators to level 61, they will start to yield Σ resources for you to utilize. As you progress through G6, you will need to have Σ resources instead of the normal Parsteel, Tritanium, and Dilithium you’ve used to this point. With increasing power and technology also comes an increased need in materials and resources to create it. In the refinery, Commanders will be able to turn all three resources (Parsteel, Tritanium, and Dilithium) into their Σ versions.

Faction Expansion

The Federation, Klingon, and Romulan factions have acknowledged your status within the galaxy and are ready to offer more technology to those that prove their worth. There are six new faction ranks to obtain with each of the three core factions and 13 new ships.

Faction Reputation Ranks:

  • Dignitary
  • Renowned
  • Venerated
  • Revered
  • Idolized
  • Hero

  • 1 Neutral Uncommon Survey Miner: Selkie
    • Increases mining rate of all G6 materials
  • 3 Uncommon FKR Combat Ships:
    • FED – USS Akira: Increases Ion Storm Resistance
    • KLG – Negh’Var: Increases Asteroid Field Resistance
    • ROM – Minerva: Increases Radiation Resistance
  • 3 Rare FKR Combat Ships:
    • FED –  USS Titan: Increases base Shield Piercing against Hostiles
    • KLG – Kos’Karii: Increases base Accuracy against Hostiles
    • ROM – Velox: Increases base Armor Piercing against Hostiles
  • 3 Rare FKR Surveyors:
    • FED – USS Newgrange: Increases mining rate of G6 Gas 
    • KLG – Grishnar: Increases mining rate of G6 Crystal
    • ROM – Divitae: Increases mining rate of G6 Ore
  • 3 Epic FKR Combat Ships
    • FED – USS Enterprise-E: As long as the ship has Morale, the USS Enterprise-E increases Kinetic Weapon Damage
    • KLG – Krencha: As long as the opponent has a Hull Breach, the Krencha increases Energy Weapon Damage
    • ROM – Scimitar: As long as the opponent is Burning, the Scimitar increases Weapon Damage

These new faction ships will also receive Velox Gold Refits, enhancing their capabilities to show off your allegiance to the faction.

Systems, Missions, and Research

With the discovery of a new part of the galaxy, there is more than ever to explore. There are 120 new systems, expanding the reach of the neutral, Federation, Klingon, and Romulan spaces. All new planetary missions can be found in these systems, along with a continuation of the core mission chain and brand new combat missions to take on totaling 275+ new missions. 

The combat research tree has also been expanded upon, and includes:

  • 46 Combat Nodes
  • 3 Prime Nodes
  • 15 Hazard Nodes
  • 4 Superhighways

This new expansion of Star Trek Fleet Command offers various challenges but far greater rewards for those willing to face them head-on. Good luck out there Commanders, and as always, live long and prosper.