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Introducing Infinite Incursions

By Star Trek 30 June 2022

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Last week we teased that a new feature, Infinite Incursions, is coming to Star Trek Fleet Command. Today we’d like to provide a little more information on what everyone can expect once it releases. Check out the details below, and prepare for battle

What Are Infinite Incursions?

  • A new event type pits servers against each other in a battle for dominance!
  • During the incursion event, servers are matched 1v1 based on criteria such as server age and population. 
  • Players can relocate their bases to the server they’re invading for the duration of the event.
  • The event scores off an entire server’s efforts. 

Who Is Eligible to Participate?

All players level 25 and above are able to participate in Infinite Incursions. Special events leading up to the Incursions are open to players level 10 and above. 

Special events also run alongside Infinite Incursions, limited to players level 25 and above.

Shielding Behavior

  • During Incursions, all peace shields are suppressed in systems level 20+, and no new shields can be activated.
  • Shields will be back up after the incursion ends. 
  • Ten minute shields do not activate after a station is attacked in systems level 20+ during Incursions.
  • In systems level 19 and below, all shields work normally. 
  • Players can move between level 20+ and 19- systems normally using Relocation Tokens, but the above shielding rules apply as soon as their station enters a new system.

Invading Servers

  • Players can spend Incursion Conduits (sourced through events and offers) to invade an opposing server.
  • Upon invading, players are placed in the exact same station slot as they occupied on their home server (including Territory Capture systems). Should that slot already be filled, they are placed in the next available slot in that system or another location should all slots be filled
  • Invading players can spend normal relocation tokens to move between systems after invading. 

Server-Wide Buff for the Winning Server

  • In addition to individual rewards like a new officer, a new avatar etc… each server that wins the incursion event will receive a server-wide buff for a week to all players who participated in the incursion
  • The buff will be either a build speed or a research speed buff, with the buff strength based on player’s ops level.