Introducing Territory Capture Season 1

By gabriel 19 September 2023

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Dev Note:

Since Territory Capture was introduced almost 3 years ago(!), we heard a lot of feedback from players on how it slowly stagnated and became less relevant over time.
The plan below attempts to reinvigorate Territory Capture with a new season every 3 months, along with additional rewards and benefits.
We will gather feedback over this first season and hear from you on what we can change even further for season 2 and beyond.


Yellow alert!

Chroniton Radiation has flooded the Alpha Quadrant. Temporal anomalies have been spotted at a high frequency inside all Territory Capture systems, and Starfleet is ordering immediate evacuation from the sector. This phenomenon has forever changed the galaxy, and all previously occupied systems are now up for grabs. Welcome to Season 1 of Territory Capture.

Season 1 of Territory Capture

Starting in October, with the continuation of our second Lower Decks update, all Territories will be reset. This means any territory owned by an alliance will become neutral territory again and will be up for grabs.

With the inaugural reset of Territory Capture, you’ll see additions to the Territory Capture research tree, new services for all territories, and a Territory Capture Season Pass.

Territory Season Pass, Research, and Services

Each season of Territory Capture will last for three (3) months. At the start of each season, all territories will be reset, and a new Season Pass will begin.

The Season Pass will provide a variety of rewards, such as:

• Exclusive Forbidden Tech 

• Chronometric Particles (needed for new TC research nodes) 

• Officer Shards

• Unique cosmetics

This new pass will be found in the “Expeditions Tab” alongside the monthly battle pass. Both will  contain free and premium rewards.

The extension to the Territory Capture research tree will provide powerful buffs, such as:

• Enhancements to mining speed and cargo 

• Hull health points • Shield health points 

• Isolytic damage and defense for FKR ships 

Services are also being updated over the next few seasons (season 1 will have new services only for some territories) and will include:

• Monaveen ship blueprints 

• Baseline isolytic damage

• Increased amounts of Chronometric Particles 

• FKR Reputation gain enhancements

We’re really looking forward to everyone getting their hands on this brand new Territory Capture experience, and we will be seeking as much feedback as possible so we can continue iterating on this seasonal format.

Good luck out there, Commanders.

Live Long and Prosper!