Life Must Be Worn Gloriously – Community Event

By gabriel 7 September 2023


Our first community event for the STFC 5th year Anniversary asks for you all to share some situations or submit a picture of the most interesting time/place you found yourself playing Star Trek Fleet Command. Were you out to pick up dinner when your territory was invaded and then decided to pull over to defend? Were you on the top of a mountain when your peace shield ran out? Let us know for your chance to win a trip to to Los Angeles and some amazing STFC swag!


  • Start Date: Sept 13th – 12pm PST
  • End Date: Oct 2nd – 11:59am PST

How To Enter

  • Players will submit a picture along with a small description of the location, or describe a story that they submit via a public post on official Star Trek Fleet Command Community and/or social pages
  • These pictures and stories will showcase and tell us about the most interesting place or situation they’ve been in while playing Star Trek Fleet Command
    • (Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok)
  • Players must use the hashtag #stfc5th for the post to be officially submitted for entry


  • Players must have a Scopely Account to be eligible for this contest
  • No purchase is required
  • For the grand prize, players must be located in the United States
  • For all prizes, players can be located in any area where a contest like this is allowed
  • Players may submit on multiple social and community platforms if they wish, but are not allowed to submit under multiple accounts in an attempt to win multiple prizes
  • A players is only able to win one time
  • Anyone found to be using multiple accounts in an attempt to win multiple prizes will be disqualified and barred from all future Star Trek Fleet Command community events
  • For official rules check them out here


  • Grand Prize (1) (US ONLY)
    • All swag items (VIP Box, 3D printed ship, hoodie, shirt, pin, and sticker) and trip to LA
  • 9 Winners – All Swag Items (VIP Box, 3D printed ship, hoodie, shirt, pin, and sticker)
  • 10 Winners – Ship, VIP Box, and Pin
  • 10 Winners – Shirt, Hoodie, and Sticker