Live Long and Prosper Day

By rebekah 26 March 2024

“Live long and prosper.”

-Traditional Vulcan Salutation

Commanders, today marks the birthday of Leonard Nimoy, a pivotal figure whose legacy continues to illuminate the cosmos. Although Nimoy’s physical presence is no longer among us, since 2018, March 26th has been celebrated in his honor as Live Long and Prosper (LLAP) Day. In the spirit of LLAP Day, we extend our wishes of peace and long life to all of you.

LLAP Day doesn’t prescribe a singular mode of celebration; rather, it encourages us to embody the ideals of Star Trek and foster behaviors that nurture longevity and prosperity. Whether through exercise, indulging in a healthy meal, or taking a mental health pause to decompress from life’s pressures, the essence of today is self-care and mindfulness. After all, logic dictates the importance of self-preservation.

The iconic Vulcan salute, paired with the phrase “live long and prosper,” debuted in the original series episode “Amok Time,” centering around Spock and his homeworld, Vulcan. Leonard Nimoy, deeply involved in crafting his character’s identity, introduced the salute—a gesture enriched by his childhood memories of Jewish religious ceremonies. During these rituals, a Rabbi would extend this hand formation while bestowing blessings of longevity and prosperity upon the congregation. Nimoy found it amusing that many of his colleagues struggled to naturally adopt the salute.

In an amusing anecdote from the episode “Amok Time,” Celia Lovsky, portraying the Vulcan T’Pau, had to have her fingers taped together to properly execute the salute in response to Nimoy’s. A similar predicament befell William Shatner in “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.” Commanders, are you able to perform the salute without assistance?

Today, all Spocks Vulcan salute you, commander. Expect to see a little something from our Star Trek team in-game.


-The Star Trek Team