Love Boldy

By rebekah 14 February 2024

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All the species of the galaxy express and practice love in different ways.

Vulcans exchange ceremonial jewelry to remind them of their commitments to each other. Cardassians argue vehemently to signify romantic interest. Klingons are as direct with their romantic intentions as they are in everything else.

Ferengi negotiate marriage contracts (with strict stipulations on the expected duties of all parties involved and strict penalties for breach of contract, fine print must be carefully read!) Denobulans marry in groups of 6, with three wives and three husbands, and no expectation of exclusivity.

You can tell a Romulan loves you when their scheming benefits you instead of just them. Tribbles just can’t resist spreading their love to fill every available space, and the Borg love you so much that they would like to keep you with them forever.

Regardless of how it is expressed, love is a powerful force experienced by all cultures, and we here at STFC would like to wish all Commanders a happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve got faith of the heart!


Star Trek Team