Mirror Universe Battle Tactics

By rebekah 3 July 2024

“You would find me a formidable enemy.”

“I’m aware of that, Captain. I trust that you are aware of the reverse.”

-Captain James Kirk (Prime Universe) and Mirror Spock

Commanders, the Mirror Universe is full of formidable enemies, and we do not want you to have to face them unprepared. In order to better equip you for the threats beyond the looking glass, we have assembled this Mirror Universe Battle Tactics document to give you the best chances of success. The suggestions contained here should be seen as general guidelines, not foolproof recipes for success. Every Commander’s arsenal is different, after all.

Crewing Suggestions

Here are some suggestions for effective crews with which to battle the enemies of the Mirror Universe, and why they will work:

SNW Pike (Captain) / SNW Spock/Ortegas/Uhura / SNW Una – The Strange New Worlds crew provides excellent protection for your ship provided that you are limiting your battles to those with triangle advantage. SNW Una will provide you with impulse speed boosts that will allow you to maximize your time in the Mirror Universe.

Enterprise-E Picard (Captain) / Enterprise-E Data / SNW Spock/Ortegas/Uhura – This will provide you with the mitigation of the SNW officers during triangle advantage battles while also providing a strong isolytic offense and boosting the loot you receive.

SNW James Kirk (Captain) / SNW Sam Kirk / SNW Una | Hugh (Lower Deck) – Abandons defense for overwhelming offense.  Hugh is required to take full advantage of Sam Kirk’s large critical damage boost. Tom Paris can also be used on the lower decks to make up for the loss of bridge officer defense abilities. This crew is ideal if you are using Cerritos and/or Titan to enhance your ship, as it will maximize the damage you can do and enable you to destroy targets well beyond your usual capacity.

Pike (Captain) / Moreau / Enterprise-E Data – Provides strong defense and strong isolytic offense. A solid option for balance.

Alternate Officers

There are also a couple older officers whose abilities may be worth taking note of in these unique situations! They may not be the first ones who come to mind when considering crew options, but now is their chance to shine:

– His crew ability will increase your critical hit chance while your ship is affected by Hull Breach. All hostiles in the Mirror Universe inflict hull breach on you for the entire duration of combat. Rima can therefore be used on the bridge as a reliable enhancement to your ship’s critical hit rate in the mirror universe.

Vemet – His captain ability can bring your ship back to life if it is destroyed in combat. Considering that losing your ship in the mirror universe results in a loss of all cargo, Vemet can be used as insurance against that. If you accidentally attack one target too many, Vemet can give you a second chance to head for the extraction point and return with your loot intact.

While we are still in the thick of this arc and preparing for the next, our team wanted to offer these Mirror Universe Battle Tactics so you can be best prepared. What other battle tactics have you found to be helpful this arc?


-The Star Trek Team