New Battle Stat: Apex Barrier Modifier

By rebekah 3 June 2024

“You may have noticed we have a defense against your torpedoes now. I suggest you stand down.”

-Captain Kathryn Janeway

Commanders, we understand that the galaxy can be a very dangerous place. New types of enemies appear frequently, each with their own new ways of fighting. In the face of these new threats with their formidable weaponry, a potent defense is required. With this update, the all new Apex Barrier defense stat has been introduced!

The Apex Barrier provides you with true damage mitigation, applied after all other mitigation calculations have been made and further reducing the damage your ship takes. By improving your Apex Barrier, you can greatly improve the longevity of your ships in battle, or even take down powerful opponents that may have been just out of your reach before! Apex Barrier functions in both PvE and PvP, adding a new layer of strategy to combat.

The actual formula for this stat is presented here:

Every 10,000 Apex Barrier increases the damage you can take by 100%. It is the most direct, impactful way to increase your survivability in STFC.

Example: If you have 100 HP and 10,000 Apex Barrier, you would effectively have 200 HP. If you have 20,000 Apex Barrier, then you would have 300 HP. Or, if you used to be able to kill 10 hostiles, with 10,000 Apex Barrier you can kill 20. Note: Apex Barrier will not work with armadas. Players will also notice that there will now be a new line in the Battle Log that showcases this new modifier in action. 

The primary method of building up your Apex Barrier will be through engaging in activities in the Mirror Universe, which will allow you to access Apex Barrier boosting research in the new Mirror Research Tree. Yes, that’s right–the Mirror Universe is crashing into Star Trek Fleet Command! There will also be refits offered for 3 ships (revealed tomorrow) which will improve their Apex Barrier. Finally, Mirror Universe officers will have Apex Barrier themed abilities that can benefit the ship they are assigned to.

The galaxy may be dangerous, but with the new Apex Barrier, you will have the protection you need to endure. Prepare well for new threats and start improving your Apex Barrier today!


-The Star Trek Team