New Mirror Universe Building: District 56

By rebekah 5 July 2024

Commanders, in order to assist you in taking the fight to the Terran Empire in the Mirror Universe, a new station facility has been made available for construction. Next week, Commanders with Operations level 40 or above will be able to construct District 56, a facility with powerful defensive functions.

New Building District 56

District 56 provides the following benefits to your ships, the strength of the effects increasing with facility level:

  • Increased Apex Barrier in PvP
  • Increased Mitigation stats
  • Enemy Crit Damage reduction in PvP
  • Increased time in the Mirror Universe per entry.

Once constructed, the facility will also provide you with a daily claim in the Mirror Refinery consisting of:

  • Liquid Trellium-D
  • Premium Rift Keys
  • Mirror Universe Entry Vouchers

The amount of Liquid Trellium-D and Premium Rift Keys included in the claim will improve with every 5 levels of the District 56 facility. The Mirror Refinery will also provide you with the materials needed to upgrade the facility.

A better look at the new building District 56 can be seen here.

As you may have come to experience, the greatest enemy of all Commanders in the Mirror Universe is not the dangerous hostiles or the lack of protected cargo, it is the ticking of the clock that limits the expedition. We hope that with the addition of District 56, Commanders will now be better equipped for lengthier excursions into the Mirror Universe! How do you plan to maximize your extra time? Will you try to hunt down a few more hostiles, or will you use the extended timer to mine even more Trellium? Use your extra time wisely!


-The Star Trek Team