New Ship: The Gorn Eviscerator

By rebekah 6 May 2024

“Gorn Protocols. To be distributed upon an encounter with the hostile species.’”

“Break in case of Gorn.”

-Lieutenants La’an Noonien-Singh and Erica Ortegas


As the Gorn Invasion arc continues, the time for the counterattack has come! These crafty and dangerous adversaries are about to have their own weaponry turned on them. To fight back against the Gorn, Commanders can now construct the Gorn Eviscerator, a powerful anti-Gorn warship that also functions as an alliance support ship.

The Gorn Eviscerator can first be constructed at Operations 40, and can be upgraded to a maximum of 15 tiers.

Let’s take a closer look at this versatile new potential addition to your fleet, and all the benefits that it provides!

Fight Back Against the Invasion!

The Gorn Eviscerator’s primary purpose in battle is against the Gorn Hunter hostiles that invaded the galaxy at the start of the arc. The ship is equipped with powerful anti-Gorn isolytic weaponry, represented by one of its ship abilities: Hunt the Hunters. This ability will provide overwhelming isolytic damage far in excess of what is available anywhere else, but only against the Gorn. Regardless of what isolytic artifacts or officers are at your disposal, the Gorn Eviscerator will allow anyone to fight the Gorn effectively.

Unlock the secrets of Apex Isomatter!

In addition to its use in fighting back against the Gorn, owning this ship will also upgrade your Isomatter refinery! You’ve already seen the uses of Volatile Isomatter, but now small traces of Apex Isomatter have begun to be detected on the Gorn invader hostiles. Rigorous Extraction, the Gorn ship’s second battle ability, will amplify that small amount of Apex Isomatter when you defeat a Gorn Hunter with the ship.

With the Apex Isomatter, you can then access the Eviscerator Refinery under the Isomatter tab, and begin to claim your rewards! The Eviscerator Refinery will provide you with the Gorn Eviscerator Parts needed to upgrade the ship, as well as three other exciting and helpful items!

Cephalocasque Artifact

This brand new epic artifact can only be acquired by refining its shards in the Eviscerator Refinery. It provides an extremely powerful PvP-only Isolytic Defense boost for your fleet. Starting out at 30%, the effect grows to an imposing 200% at the maximum artifact level of 20!

Apex Recruits

Just as with the Mantis from the last SNW arc, the Gorn Eviscerator can also be used to source crew shards! When you use the Eviscerator Refinery, you will get Apex Recruits, and can then exchange them for shards of the SNW officers released in this arc.

Apex Ship Parts

These can be exchanged in the refinery for ship parts depending on the tier of the Gorn Eviscerator. Up until T6, you can only exchange for G4 ship parts. From T7 onward, you can exchange for G5 parts, with G6 parts included if you are Operations 61 or above. The amount of parts you get is not randomized, it is fixed to the ship tier. This will provide a steady income of ship parts, helpful for any Commander!

Spatial Rip

The final ability of the Gorn Eviscerator is the power to tear a hole in space itself! 

From moving your entire fleet at once to allowing alliance mates to join you in systems they might not otherwise be able to reach, the Spatial Rip power is sure to change the way you travel the galaxy! Don’t worry about stranding anyone, the instant recall granted upon traveling through the rip is not affected by warp range. 

Alliances with Gorn Eviscerators can now perform complex fleet maneuvers such as assembling immediately for Armada combat as long as there’s an Eviscerator present to open a rip, assisting lower level members in relocating to places they couldn’t ordinarily reach, instantly mustering to defend against a starbase assault…or to launch one! What sort of creative uses can you devise for this power?

It’s time to fight back, Commanders! With this new power, we can repel this invasion and send the Gorn back to whatever spatial rip they crawled out of!


-The Star Trek Team