Outlaws FAQ

By Star Trek 8 June 2020

Q. Where can I find the missions?

A. There will be 5 mission bundles. One will be immediately claimable in the gifts section and 3 will be claimable in the gifts section costing mission tokens which are obtainable through the Battle Pass free track. The final mission bundle will be obtainable through the Augment faction store. 

Q. Which is the first mission?

A. The first missions is called Flatter to Deceive 

Q. At what level can I start the new Augment missions?

A. The minimum level ops level required is Twenty Eight (28).

Q.  How can I unlock all paths in Augment Space?

A. Unlocking the paths is possible by completing these missions.:

  • Tera Lara

Found in Tera Lara system, unlocks the path between Tera Lara and Eojur systems.

  • Duriana

Found in Duriana system, unlocks the path between Duriana and Rona Tan systems

  • Yarda

Found in Yarda system, unlocks the two paths between Yarda and Duriana systems PLUS the Yarda and Quvolis systems.

Q. How has mining changed in Augment Space?

A.  Mining Data is now significantly faster than before in Augment space. The Botany Bay’s mining speed has significantly increased but Corrupted and Decoded Data nodes hold fewer resources now.

Q. What will the Augment Faction store contain?

A. The following content will be added to the Augment Faction Store:

  • Augment Officer Bundles
  • Plutonium Bundles
  • Blueprints for Hijacked Mayflower, D3 and Legionary
  • New Avatars
  • Mission Bundles containing 5 outlaw SIDE missions – Note: These missions are extra and optional

Q. How many new officers will be available?

A. There will be 4 new officers introduced with Outlaws. 1 Epic and 3 Rare.

Q. How can I obtain the new officers?

A. 1 Epic Officer: Harry Mudd – available through events

3 Rare Augment Officers: Navi, Pan and Rima – available through Augment Officer chest in the faction store, the battle pass, events, special recruit chests in the ‘recruit’ section and the Store (starting on June 8th).

Q. Which is the new Epic officer?

A. Harry Mudd is the new Epic officer

Captain Maneuver: The Ultimate Con (Armadas only)
Reduce opponent’s damage for 1 round every time you’re hit

Officer Ability: Down But Never Out
Increase all damage (significantly) when your shields are depleted

Q. Which are the 3 Rare Officers?

A. The 3 new Rare Officers are – Navi, Pan and Rima.


Captain Maneuver: Drastic Measures
Increases crit damage by % if Hull Breach on self

Officer Ability: Guardian Angel
Increases mitigation stats by % if Hull Breach on self


Captain Maneuver: Getting Up To Speed
Increase Impulse speed by X%

Officer Ability: Mistakes Were Made
% chance to apply Hull Breach to self


Captain Maneuver: You’ll Pay For That
Increase damage by % if Hull Breach on self

Officer Ability: Systems Critical
Increase crit chance by % if Hull Breach on self

Q. What is the Battle Pass?

A. Like with the Borg premium unlock pass, the Battle Pass is now a new feature that will allow players to receive content whilst adventuring through Events.

Q. Where is the Battle Pass located?

A. When there’s an active Battle Pass event you can access the Battle Pass UI in the Events tab.

Q. How does the Battle Pass work?

A. Once a battle pass event has started, in the event tab you’ll be able to locate the Battle Pass UI. Once in the BattlePass screen, you will see the Free Battle pass rewards and the Elite Battle pass rewards, where rewards can be claimed directly. Battle Pass Points are awarded by scoring on events marked with the Battle Pass Points token in the event tab!

Q. Will I get rewards as a free player?

A. Yes, there are two types of rewards: one set for all players and one set for those players that have bought the Elite Battle Pass.

Q. Will I obtain both sets of rewards if I buy the Elite Battle Pass?

A. Yes, you can claim both sets of rewards.

Q. Will I need to purchase the premium unlock packs from the event store?

A. No, all Battle Pass rewards can be claimed directly from the Battle Pass UI.

Q. How many new Avatars will be available?

A. There will be 6 new avatars available

Q. How will these Avatars be available?

A. They will be available through the through events and the Augment Faction Store and the Battle Pass.