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Patch 16 // Release notes

By Star Trek 19 February 2020

The 2nd chapter of the Borg is nearly upon us! Read below all changes coming in the next upcoming patch 16. Please remember to update your client from your respective store.

New Content: Borg Part 2 – Transwarp Cells

Introducing new Borg systems that can be found around the galaxy map. Entering these new Borg systems without a Transwarp Cell is futile. Once you obtain enough Transwarp Cells, you can initiate the warp which in turn depletes the required amount of cells. Tread carefully, as new enemies await you here: the Borg Tactical Probes.

New Hostiles and loot: Borg Tactical Probes hostiles & Inert Nano Probes

Introducing the new Borg hostiles that have entered the galaxy, the Borg Tactical Probes!  Borg Tactical Probes are dangerous hostiles awaiting you in Borg systems. Hunting Borg Tactical Probes rewards you with Inert Nano Probes. Commanders are advised to dispatch their strongest ships to gather as many Inert Nano Probes as possible, as warping to the system requires Transwarp Cells.

Note – Cancelling warp still consumes your Transwarp Cells so beware when travelling to the borg systems

Once you have collected your plethora of Nano probes from the Borg systems, head to your refinery to refine your Nano probes. Once in the refinery tab you can choose between 2 types of refined Nano Probes, “Active Nano probes” which are used to upgrade Borg officers or “Charged Nano Probes” which are used for upgrading the Vi’dar or Faction / Reputation credits. 

New Ship: The Vi’dar

Introducing the new Borg Tactical  Probe destroyer – The Vi’dar! Build this Borg Tactical  Probe destroyer to ease your battle with the Borg Tactical Probes and obtain the very valuable Inert Nano Probes.

New Content: Borg Part 2 new mission storyline

Introducing a new set of missions for the Borg Arc. Actively participate in the Borg Invasion event to gain access to new missions. The Downward Spiral mission chain will bring the players on a disastrous journey through the beginning of the Borg invasion. Commanders will also have the opportunity to learn more about the Vi’dar in the Unleashed arc. Follow the story of this immensely powerful independant ship of Romulan origin which has broken free of its chains to fight alongside you against the Borg threat. The Borg Collective are coming, Commander. How far are you willing to go to stop them?

New Feature: Ceasefire

Developer Comments: We know what happens following server downtime can sometimes be unpredictable or feel out of your control. We’ve listened to the community and understand the frustration this can cause so we’re introducing the new feature called Ceasefire. After a server downtime, we will introduce a ceasefire where players will not be able to attack other players. Here’s how it works

  • Ceasefire blocks all station combat from happening during the allotted time for Stations protected by the Ceasefire which will be informed to all players
  • Attempting to start Station Combat while you and the enemy player are protected by the Ceasefire prevents the combat from taking place and you receive a message explaining as such
  • Attacking another player’s Ship or a Ship on a mine removes the Ceasefire protection. You will receive a warning popup detailing that doing so will remove your Ceasefire protection
  • If you as a player are protected by the Ceasefire and are attempting to attack a player not protected by the Ceasefire, you receive a warning popup detailing that doing so will remove your Ceasefire protection
  • Existing Peace Shields continue their expiration countdown as normal and are not affected by the Ceasefires duration
  • A base protected by a Ceasefire has a visually distinct look in System View to allow players to differentiate between Ceasefire bases and shielded bases
  • A player protected by a Ceasefire can tell as such from looking at their HUD
  • If a player has both Ceasefire protection and a Peace Shield they can see both on the HUD
  • Players can see the expiry time of the Ceasefire protection
  • Ceasefire will last for 4 hours after maintenance downtime

  • Added the new feature called Ceasefire to the game

Improvement: Chat performance improvement

Developer comments: We identified the core issue with the chat where there was lag when changing tabs and overall slower performance. We have fixed this issue and have improved chat performance

  • Improved overall chat performance

Improvement: Resource rounding

Developer comments: Due to a bug, resources in the top right of your screen would round up. We have reverted this change so that the resources show to 2 decimal places. For example – instead of your Tritanium showing 8 million, it will now show the more precise number of 7.7 million

  • Resource rounding is now at 2 decimal places