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Patch 17

By Star Trek 24 March 2020



The 3rd chapter of the Borg is nearly upon us! Read below all changes coming in the next upcoming patch 17. Please remember to update your client from your respective store.

New Content: Borg Part 3 – Onslaught!

The galaxy’s worst fears have come true… The Borg are here in force! With Borg Cubes shattering the defences of the major factions, our galaxy is depending on Independents like you to defend it from assimilation. Work with whatever allies you can find to hold off the Borg advance and rescue desperate civilians caught in the crossfire. Show the Collective that Resistance is not futile!

Borg – The Onslaught brings you 36 new missions

  • 29 main missions that tell the story of the Borg’s invasion of our galaxy and the desperate defence mounted by its inhabitants.
  • 7 side missions that explore the rite of ascension to the Klingon High Council and how one family must deal with the effects of assimilation…

New Content: Borg Premium Unlock pass!

In addition to the usual rewards, the Borg Premium unlock pass will give out access to some Vi’dar blueprints along the way. Milestone 10 will also provide Borg Jaylah shards!.

The Premium unlock pass will work exactly the same way as it did in the previous 2 Borg Arcs BUT we are adding additional rewards to the mix!

New Borg Officers: Five of Ten, Seven of Ten, Eight of Ten, Nine of Ten

You can now recruit other members of the Borg group “Unimatrix Twelve”. These officers have a wide range of maneuver and abilities, with a focus on increasing and using the stats of your officers on the ship. One of Ten is part of this group.

For now, those officers will be available through Events and Purchases. Note, Borgified Jaylah will initially only be available through Solo Leaderboard events & the Premium unlock pass but will also, later on, be offered during April in officer chests.

As with One of Ten, the Borg officers have higher stats than other officers, thanks to their augmentations.

Five of Ten – Epic (Jaylah Borgified) 

Maneuver: Five of Ten increases the Shield deflection, Armor and Dodge by a Percentage of the Total Health of all Officers on the ship.Base value: 200%. Maximum value: 1000%

Ability: Five of Ten increases the Loot received from Hostiles by a percentage rank 1 Value: 20% Rank 5 Value: 100%

Seven of Ten – Rare (Decius)

Maneuvre: Seven of Ten has a chance to add two shots to every weapon fire against Borg targetsBase Chance: 20% Maximum Chance: 90%

Ability: Seven of Ten increases the Health of all Officers on the shipRank 1 Value: 60% Rank 5 Value: 100%

Eight of Ten – Uncommon (Azetbur)

Maneuver: Eight of Ten increases the chances of firing a Critical Hit against Borg targetsBase Value : 10% Maximum Value: 50%

Ability:Eight of Ten increases the Attack of all Officers on the shipRank 1 Value:45% Rank 5 value: 85%

Nine of Ten – Uncommon (Gonzales)

Maneuver: Nine of Ten decreases the chances of firing a Critical Hit of Borg targetsBase Value : 10% Maximum Value: 30%

Ability:Nine of Ten increases the Defense of all Officers on the shipRank 1 Value:45% Rank 5 value: 85%

New Content: Assimilated Ferengi Traders

When fighting Borg Tactical Probes with the Vi’dar, you will be able to encounter small Survey ships, Assimilated Ferengi Traders. These ships contain some very valuable cargo that you will be able to exchange for a random reward from a chest.

This reward can be:

  • A Warp Path Token to do another round of Borg Loop for the day
  • Soft Resource tokens (Parsteel, Tritanium or Dilithium)
  • A special Warp Path Token that gives you access to one of three special systems, Torra Sedra, Yoria-3, or Zed Alpha. These ships contain a very… shiny surprise! They all use different tokens, and the one you will get will be determined by the Tier of your Vi’dar. The higher the Tier, the better the rewards!

EndNote: These ships are extremely rare. You will not be able to find them very often. The chest used to redeem the rewards also has a cooldown of five days on it.
In future updates, we may be adding more rewards to this special bonus. Stay tuned!

New Content: Borg Avatars & Frame

  • Borg Decius – will be awarded from Milestone 10 in the premium rewards
    Borg Gonzales, Borg Azbetur Avatars – will be awarded in rotating alliance leaderboard events throughout the events.
  • Borg Jaylah Avatar – will be awarded in rotating solo leaderboard event through the events.
  • Borg Frame – Will be awarded through having completed all milestones from all the Borg Arcs

New Feature: Alliance Diplomacy

Developer comments: Alliances are a vital part of growing the social aspect of the game. We’re adding a way where Alliances can team up with each other and create stronger bonds in the galaxy.

  • Admirals and Commodores can set a diplomatic status for another Alliance on that Alliance’s profile. Alliances with a diplomacy status other than Neutral are marked with an icon that is visible to all members of your Alliance. Other Alliances will not be notified of the diplomatic status your Alliance has assigned to them.

Improvement: Server driven player fleet repair costs

Developer comments: Previously the client would try to figure out repair costs itself, but due to a bug, it wasn’t calculating these costs correctly. The fix we’re adding is for the game client to display repair costs that are correctly calculated by the server. It doesn’t change any actual repair costs you were paying

  • Fixed a bug where the visual representation of the repair cost was incorrect compared to the actual repair cost the game was deducting.

Improvement: Systems that have an issue with hostile spawning

Developer comments: Some systems in the galaxy that had an issue with spawning hostiles. We are providing a fix so that systems with either a low amount of hostiles or NO hostiles will now spawn the right amount.

  • Fixed an issue with specific systems not spawning enough or NO hostiles.

Improvement: Carousels now remember your position when tapping in and out of packs

Developer comments: Previously, when tapping in and out of packs in scenes like the store or refinery, the carousel would reset you back to the start of the list. This is no longer the case, the carousel will now remember the point you were at when you tapped into a pack.

  • Made the carousel remember your position in the list when tapping in and out of packs.