Patch 23 – Release notes

By Star Trek 6 October 2020


Patch 23 is being summoned so buckle up and get ready for some epic updates!

“In the name of Kronos and the honor of Kahless, you will be destroyed.”

The fury of Kronos has been unleashed.

Mudd’s victory has left the Discovery crew shaken, but they have no time to recover. Following hot on the heels of their quarry, Klingons from Discovery’s own universe have found themselves pulled into this reality. Their arrival here is seemingly an unintended side effect of Mudd’s manipulation of the mycelial network.

Reports abound from across the galaxy of Klingon ships gathering up ancient, defunct technology and annihilating everything in their path. 

What could these renegades possibly want from us? 

How many will fall before they are stopped?

The gates have been opened and the hounds of war have been set loose.

“Remain Klingon!”

Introducing Discovery – Part 2

Continuing from the Discovery arc that started in September, more great Discovery content has arrived in Star Trek Fleet Command!

Part two of the Discovery event continues where the story left off in part one, improving the USS Discovery, as well as adding more members of the Discovery crew.

The second part of Discovery in October includes:

  • USS Discovery Ship additional abilities. (A new Summoning mechanic)
  • New Flash Events and ones that focus around the new Summoning Mechanic.
  • New Officers including Phillipa Georgiou and Tilly.
  • All new Discovery missions
  • An all new and improved 24 days Discovery themed Battle-Pass

USS Discovery Summoning

Using the Mycelial network, the USS Discovery will be able to ‘Summon’ your other ships instantly to its current location.

Upgrade your USS Discovery’s Spore Drive with new research, and ‘Summon’ your other ships directly to its location. Use the power of the Mycelial network to ‘Summon’ your ships directly to your USS Discovery in any system when time is of the essence!

3 New Officers 

Phillipa Georgiou and crew are beaming into the galaxy! Introducing 3 new officers that can be acquired through the Battle Pass & various events. We have Phillipa Georgiou, Stamets and Tilly.

[Epic] Philippa Georgiou

Never Fire First: At the beginning of each round,  while the enemy is Burning, reduce the enemy’s Officer Attack of all officers by X%.

Deceptive Warfare: At the beginning of each round, Georgiou has an X% chance to cause Burning to the enemy for 2 rounds.

[Rare] Stamets

Network Navigator: Reduce Mycelium Costs for Jump and Summoning

Snarky Genius: When defending, reduce the enemy’s Armor Piercing by X%.

[Uncommon] Tilly

The Power of Math: When defending, at the start of combat, reduce the enemy’s Shield Health by X% of its starting value.

Hold Your Horses!: When getting hit, X% chance to reduce the enemy’s officer Attack for all officers by 15% (cumulative)

New Discovery Missions

Introducing new Discovery missions that will continue the adventure from Part 1. We will have the main mission line along with side missions which can all be unlocked through the free Battle Pass

Main Missions – Quantity: 10 missions, unlocked at Milestone 4 of the Basic Battle Pass.

Side Missions – Quantity: 5 missions, unlocked at Milestone 16 of the Basic Battle Pass.

Added Anomaly Activities 

More anomalies are appearing in our universe, with new enemies, armadas, and boss enemies. Harness the power of the mycelial network through the Discovery, and blast these suckers back to where they came from. 

New Battle Pass

New Discovery version of the battle pass for October. We are adding a lot more resources to both the free and Elite Battle-Pass.

New Avatars & Frames 

Introducing a new set of Avatars and frames with Discovery Part 2.


  • Officer Phillipa
  • Officer Tilly
  • Veteran of the Klingon Federation War
  • Federation Distinguished Service
  • The Call of the Empire


  • Red Alert
  • But Who’s Counting
  • Lower Decks

Bug Fixes

Below is a list of Bug fixes that will be available with Patch 23.

  • Fixed an issue with the [ The Operations Module is missing from the mission’s Due North][Double Helix] banner artwork.
  • Fixed an issue with double tapping on a menu while viewing missions from a planet will fail the loading of the missions
  • Fixed an issue with “A ship has depleted a mining spot” incorrectly showing a second time when a commander moves their off the depleted node.
  • Fixed the mission log disappearing when the commander does not claim the mission reward after finishing it, leaving it unclaimed and restarting it.
  • Fixed an issue with the ship panel’s transition looking broken and a “view_button_instant” string is shown momentarily when swapping between a damaged or repairing and healthy ship.
  • Fixed an issue with the grayed out attack/scan button.
  • Fixed an issue with pips appearing unexpectedly when collapsing the “Job Panel” after contributing to the Alliance.
  • Fixed an issue on iOS where The “Alliance Error” pop up shows up in random parts of the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Officer Info” popup remaining on the screen after tapping on a “Battle Report” or “Event” toast.
  • Fixed an issue with event scores being wrongly displayed when the game language is French.
  • Fixed an issue with the USS Discovery entering the normal warping state unexpectedly if the player attacks a hostile right after jumping successfully.
  • Fixed an issue with the push notification “You have been attacked” being received unexpectedly when a ship on a mining node is attacked by the revenge hostiles.
  • Fixed an issue with the messages from a previous alliance are present in the alliance chat of a newly created alliance.
  • Fixed an issue with the Battle Pass Rewards missing some resources token icons in the Milestone Rewards preview.
  • Fixed an issue where the player cannot not open the “Ship Management” screen of a destroyed/damaged ship.
  • Fixed an issue with the restore auto correct functionality.
  • Fixed an issue with the missing Faction Chest in G4 Faction Daily Goals.
  • Fixed an issue with certain levels losing too much negative reputation when playing dual faction.
  • Fixed an issue with The Captain Maneuvers instruction of Goon & Ro Mudd officers are displayed in green instead of grey as the other officers.
  • Fixed an issue with a string id being present in the hostile tooltip of the epic eclipse armada targets while in full scan screen.
  • Fixed an issue with strings in certain dialogues.
  • Fixed a grammatical issue with the mission Old Acquaintances. The error is present in Saru’s dialogue for the first objective of the mission.
  • Fixed a spelling issue with Mycelium being different on the ‘Jump Travel with Toll’ dialog box.
  • Fixed an issue with officer Saru’s Captain Maneuver triggering only once at the beginning of the battle even if the ship is not hit by any critical hits from a player
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong word being used in a Harry Mudd Mission.
  • Fixed several fragments & a planet within the “Mordus” system being displayed as “Retrieving…”
  • Fixed a missing word in the sentence from the informational tooltip of earth.