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Patch 26 – Release notes

By Star Trek 12 January 2021


Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before! We are starting off the New Year by going back to where it all began, with Star Trek: The Original Series. We hope you will join us, commanders, as we continue to expand the Star Trek Fleet Command Universe, bringing more and more iconic Star Trek greatness to the game.

“The Enterprise… is gone. 
The Enterprise… is here?

During a routine investigation along the Federation/Romulan border, all contact with the USS Enterprise was lost. Their ship’s signature simply vanished into the void… only to pop back up almost immediately.

However, this Enterprise is not piloted by the James T. Kirk we have come to know.

Pulled into our universe via quantum entanglement, our Enterprise and their counterpart from an alternate timeline have swapped places. We have been left with a crew similar to the one we know, but different in many ways.

Their mission? To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations… To boldly go, where no-one has gone before

Introducing Star Trek: The Original Series! 

Let’s begin a new year with a brand new chapter in Star Trek: Fleet Command, where it all began… The Original Series. 

The first part of Star Trek: The Original Series in January includes: 

  • New officers including Spock and James T. Kirk.
  • New TOS missions.
  • New Battle Pass.
  • New avatars and frames.
  • New research nodes for the Vi’dar, Franklin and D’Vor.
  • New Territory Capture service.

New officers

[Epic] TOS James T. Kirk

3D Strategist: When fighting players, at the start of each round, if you have morale, increase Energy damage by % of defence (cumulative)

It’s all we have to go on: As long as your HHP is above 30% of your starting value, at the start of each round, X% chance of gaining morale for that round.

[Epic] TOS Spock

Live Long: When defending, at the start of each round, heal SHP by X% of Defense (affects all ships if in a Station).

Prosper: When fighting players, at the start of each round, if you have Morale, decrease the opponent’s Critical Hit Damage bonus by X% for that round.

[Rare] TOS Nyota Uhura

Sorry, Neither: At the start of each turn, if you have Morale, decrease the opponent’s Critical Hit Chance by X% for that round.
Modulation Frequency Found: At the start of each turn if you have Morale, decrease the opponent’s shield mitigation by X% (shield mitigation is the damage dealt to shield health).

Additional Mining Officers

[Rare] DuPont

Grade III Miner: Raphaël DuPont increases the rate of G3 Crystal, Gas and Ore Mining by X%.
Hidden Stash: Raphaël DuPont increases the Protected Cargo by %.

[Uncommon] Elea Mäkinen

Advanced Mining: Elea Mäkinen increases the Mining Speed of the ship by X%.
Isogen Mining: Elea Mäkinen increases the rate of Isogen Mining by %.

New Missions

All new missions will be available for commanders with Ops level 25 and above.

  • Included ten new main missions focused on The Original Series storyline.
  • Included new side missions for Ops level players 10+

New research nodes

Introducing 8 new Research nodes for the Vidar, Franklin and D’vor that can be found in the Galaxy Research tree.


  • Increase nanoprobe drop rate
  • Prime Active Nanoprobe Refinery 
  • Prime Other Borg Bundles Refinery


  • Increase Impulse Speed
  • Increase Frequency Modulator Cost Efficiency 


  • Increase Lat Mining Speed
  • Increase Protected Cargo 
  • Prime Latinum Refining bundle value increase

New Territory Capture Services for Jellyfish

A new Service is warping into the galaxy that unlocks ISS Jellyfish Blueprints from the Territory Capture store whenever the service is active. 

  • Service lasts until the next Takeover.
  • They will be available in three Tier 3 Zones.

Improvement: Added new sortings to the Officer and Ship management UI

Developer comments: We have heard your feedback commanders and for this, we’re introducing more sorting capabilities to both the Officer and Ship management sections. You can now sort your Officers and Ships with their Attack, Defense and Health stats.

  • Officers and ships can now be sorted with their Attack, Defense and Health stats.

Bugs fixes

  • Fixed an issue where ships that are repaired during station combat can get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue with registration due to player names being already taken.
  • Fixed an issue after closing the “Insufficient Resources” popup when upgrading OPS to level 15, if the player attempts to upgrade again, the popup keeps dismissing right after appearing.
  • Fixed an issue with events not loading correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect pronoun being used in Senise’s second dialogue on the first objective of the mission.
  • Upgraded ship components show the name of the next tier.
  • Fixed an issue with the error “NullReferenceException” after the initial chest reveal and the “Skip” button does not work properly if the bundle includes frames and officer shards.
  • Fixed on iOS an issue with the Events carousel being empty after reconnecting to the game due to a connection loss.
  • Fixed an issue with some Ship stats under ‘Detail’ view not updating after a ship component upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue with the mission “Cognitive Dissonance” where two dialogue strings are displayed after the fourth objective instead of before it.
  • Fixed missing artwork with the mission “Strike While the Iron is Hot” in the mission log
  • Fixed an issue with Black background / broken transparency for Event icons.
  • Fixed an issue with an animated VFX service being quadrupled overall active services.
  • Fixed a text issue with mission “Dead Memories Part 5”. Character name “Renon” is misspelt as “Ronen” in several strings.
  • Implemented support for hyperlinks in event descriptions.