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Patch 33 – Release notes

By Star Trek 3 August 2021


The fourth part of The Next Generation arc has just warped into the galaxy, and it is bringing some big news! Explore new ways of playing Star Trek Fleet Command thanks to Exocomp Consumables, a new feature that will give you the chance to employ different strategies in the game, from fighting, to mining, to exploration.

Introducing the fourth part of Star Trek: The Next Generation arc!

“Our objective is clear. We free Worf from the Cardassians, and then search for a way home.”

The crew of the Enterprise-D has been facing a barrage of attacks and attempted sabotage from the Cardassians at every turn, with the Empire working at the behest of the mysterious beings known as the Progenitors. While the crew have taken some hits, their spirit remains unbroken.

The remaining objectives are clear: break Worf free from the clutches of the Cardassians, and find a way back to their own universe. But they’ll face resistance every step of the way, with the Cardassians relentless in their attacks, and the Progenitors trying to stop any ships from travelling inter-dimensionally.

Rescuing Worf will be challenging enough, but can Picard and his crew find their way home? More importantly, is there even a way for the crew to get home?

“Our window to act is small, and getting smaller.”

The fourth part of Star Trek: The Next Generation in August includes: 

  • New feature: Exocomp Consumables.
  • New Officers: Troi and Worf.
  • New TNG missions!
  • A new Battle Pass.
  • Five new Avatars.
  • Five new Frames!
  • New type of events.

Exocomp Consumables

This month, along with The Next Generation Part 4, we’re also launching a brand new feature previously mentioned in our Roadmap Update: Exocomp Consumables (aka Consumable Buffs)!

Players will be able to apply time limited Consumables to boost their capabilities for activities they wish to take in game. From mining, to building, to hunting.

Exocomp Consumables will provide players a way to increase their efficiency in how they want to take on their regular challenges.

A new building, the Exocomp Factory, will house the Exocomps, and will be required to unlock the feature.
Players level 16 and above will be able to access this building. As you upgrade the building, it will provide you with a free daily bundle of Axionic Chips, which are used to obtain Consumables, as well as providing more Exocomps (slots) so you can use more types of Consumables. 

Upgrading the Exocomp Factory also provides access to more powerful Consumables – 3* Consumables unlock at level 25, and 4* Consumables at level 40. Clicking the button above the building will also being you to the Consumables  Exocomp store tab, where you can claim and spend Axionic Chips.
You can read more about Exocomp Consumables on this dedicated page on our site!

New Officer

  • [Epic]  Troi
    • Telepathic Predictions: Reduce crit chance of Armadas by X%.
    • Nemesis: Increase damage against Romulan Hostiles and Armadas by X%.
  • [Rare]  Worf
    • Headlong Into Battle: Increase Warp Speed by X% after fighting a ship.
    • Only Fools Have No Fear: Against Non-Player targets, increase mitigation by X%.

Battle Pass

We are continuing with a new Battle Pass for this portion of this TNG arc. Claim officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more by taking part in events over the month and earning your rewards!

New Missions

‘Our objective is clear. We free Worf from the Cardassians, and then search for a way home.’

Break Worf free from the clutches of the Cardassians in 10 new missions obtained from the Battle Pass.
Additionally there will be five missions focused on an exclusive TNG side story for players level 42+.

Gameplay Improvements – 4* Mining Nodes increased

After listening to players’ feedback, we have increased the number of 4* material mining nodes by 50%. Given that more players are reaching higher ops levels in our game, we found it important to give everyone in their enough space to mine.

Graphic improvement – Tokens and Rarity

Wherever we are showing tokens, you will now be able to see their grades and rarity. This applies to the buttons, the rewards, and header amounts. You can find some examples below: 


  • 1 Epic Troi Avatar
  • 1 Rare Worf Avatar
  • 1 Uncommon Exocomp Avatar
  • 1 Uncommon ‘Good Tea, Nice house’ Avatar
  • 1 Rare Exocomp Factory Avatar


  • 1 Uncommon TNG Mission Frame
  • 1 Rare Betazoid Frame
  • 1 Rare Klingon Warrior Frame
  • 1 Uncommon Kriosian Frame
  • 1 Uncommon Valtese Frame

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that provided players with Officer “Tal” an advantage in hostile hunting events.
  • Fixed a graphic issue with the Android version of the game where, after resuming the app, the game looked stretched on some devices.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC Portraits in Object Viewer sometimes were white squares.
  • Fixed an issue where only one build queue is displayed after collecting a job and locating a ship.
  • Fixed an issue where the Inventory Store Button does not go to the store.
  • Fixed an issue where during the Tutorial sometimes, players get stuck on the mission panel screen.
  • Fixed an issue where certain researches (for example mining boosts) appear to be activated when they’re not.
  • Fixed an issue where a ship unexpectedly continues its attack path after it was intercepted by another ship.
  • Fixed an issue where the resource font size is inconsistent across various menus.
  • Fixed an issue where half the UI becomes unresponsive when the user proceeds into the faction store and quickly backs out before bundle contents load.
  • Fixed an issue where the description of several officer maneuvers are cut off in the battle report.


  • When starting an Away Team Assignment that costs Rare or Epic Star Charts, you can now view the balance of the relevant Star Charts that you own on the assignment screen.
  • ‘Store’ button in Inventory now opens the relevant store section (i.e. when in territory inventory it will open Territory Store).
  • All Borg Armadas and Mega Cube rewards have been increased for the Armada leader and all participants.
  • Players can now scan Alliance members’ ships and stations, except when the station is shielded.
  • The damage buff on the Shuttle Bay is now correctly showing up in your ship power levels outside of combat, as opposed to only seeing the buff in combat. 
  • When creating an Armada, the Armada rarity and level will be mentioned in the automatic message posted into Alliance chat.