Patch 40.1 – Release Notes

By Star Trek 15 March 2022


Introducing the Treasury!

The Treasury is a new game feature and building which can be unlocked at Ops level 15. By unlocking the building, you’ll gain access to the Ferengi Treasury. Fill the Treasury by fully completing your daily goals and defeating hostiles. Once the Treasury is full, you can open the Lockbox by purchasing a Desealing Rod from the store.

In addition to access to the Treasury, the building itself also provides 3 buffs which improve the Mining Rate, Max Cargo, and Protected Cargo of your ships. Upgrading the building provides significant increases to these benefits.

Players who unlock the Treasury will receive a daily trickle of Optical Diodes, the currency used to upgrade the building. This resource is also found when opening Lockboxes and purchasing building-specific IAPs. In addition, players who reach building level 40 and haven’t researched Prime Damage Vs Players, Prime Protected Cargo, and Prime Capture Node Damage in the Territory research tree will also receive a small amount of Prime Particles along with their daily Optical Diode trickle.

New Missions

5x missions provide an introduction to the new Ferengi Treasury, following Cath as she works to establish herself as an independent operator.


  • Rare Ferengi Treasury Frame

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed instances of ship components showing the “Not Enough Resources” error despite looking available due to faction-specific research buffs being applied incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue on iOS where the push notifications were not sent.
  • Fixed an issue where the Refresh button was not working correctly after clicking on an Away Teams Assignment Report.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t apply an officer preset if the crew was being used in a ship that was being tiered up.
  • Fixed an issue where some words were cut off in the battle report.
  • Fixed a visual issue that showed the same ship ability when swapping ships in the same drydock.

Live long and prosper, Commanders.