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Patch 40 – Release Notes

By Star Trek 8 March 2022

Update 40


Introducing the second part of the Rules of Acquisition Arc!

“Let’s just say I have a vested interest in your current situation. I can help you.”

Your back is against the wall. Fess and the black market network has outsmarted you at every turn, and now they have your ally Arrock held hostage. Though the situation looks bleak, you receive help from a surprising source: Quark. Quark plans to pursue Fess, after Fess and Arrock stole Quark’s prize ship, the D’Vor Feesha, before ever meeting you. With his contacts and resources, you manage to put together a plan to stop Fess and potentially bring down the network for good, with the use of a dangerous computer virus that can leave their internal systems and data in ruins.

Of course, it won’t be easy. Both you and Quark are on the network’s hit list. Can you stay one step ahead of them long enough to enact your plan, or will they cut down another one of your plans?

“Even after all the times we have encountered them, I still do not think we understand just how vast and powerful they are…”

The second part of Rules of Acquisition (RoA) includes:

  • Fifteen new missions
  • New type of Events: Cross-Server
  • Two new Officers
  • New Research
  • New Triskelion Torpedo Projectile
  • Seven new Avatars & three new Frames

New Missions

10x new missions conclude the Rules of Acquisition Ferengi Arc! Quark aids you in taking down the malicious black market network that’s been causing chaos. But never forget Rule of Acquisition 200: A Ferengi chooses no side but his own. Quark’s ultimate goal: recover the D’Vor Feesha!

5x missions introduce you to Onash, a Ferengi arms dealer who you’re contacted by who has a very lucrative contract…

Cross-Server Leaderboard Events

New Cross-Server Leaderboard Events allow you to compete against players across a different server in a single, simultaneous event. Where there’s more fierce competition, there will be greater rewards. Now’s your chance to show and prove you’re the best in the Galaxy!

New Officers

  • [Epic] Rom, now available as an Epic Officer:
    • Captain Maneuver: Decline Their Generosity
      • When attacking a station, Rom delays opponent ship and defense platform Weapon Fire for 1 round. This ability does not gain synergy group benefits.
    • Officer Ability: Impress With Your Opulence
      • When attacking a station, Rom increases the number of shots of the ship’s weapons by 50% / 70% / 90% / 120% / 150%.

  • [Rare] Cath, now available as a Rare Officer
    • Captain Maneuver: Rely on Nobody
      • Increases the Repair Cost Efficiency of the ship by 40%
    • Officer Ability: Show Them What You Can Do
      • If the opponent is a Hostile, Cath decreases the Damage done by Kinetic Weapons by 12% / 15% / 18% / 21% / 25%. Works against Hostiles level 51 and under.

New Research

3 new Prime Research Nodes debut, unlocking significantly greater cargo capacity for the Stella and Vi’Dar alongside massive reduction of repair costs:

  • Prime Stella Cargo: Increases the Stella’s max cargo by 400%
  • Prime Vi’Dar Cargo: Increases the Vi’Dar’s max cargo by 100%
  • Prime Ship Repairs: 100% to base cost efficiency for ship repairs

Epic Projectile

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Ferengi-style with the Epic Triskelion Torpedo, a new Epic Projectile which will make anyone think twice about laying their hands on your precious cargo.

Acquiring this Projectile provides a permanent +20% Protected Cargo to all ships.


  • Epic Rom
  • Rare Ferengi Officer
  • Uncommon Ferengi St. Patrick’s Day Avatar
  • Uncommon Cross-Server Event Avatar
  • Rare Cross-Server Event Avatar
  • Epic Cross-Server Event Avatar
  • Rare Planet Killer Avatar, based on the winner of the community Avatar Contest


  • Uncommon Ferengi St. Patrick’s Day Frame
  • Uncommon Ferengi Frame
  • Epic Ferengi Ears Frame


  • Added an improvement to sort Officers based on Traits on the Away Teams Assignment screen
  • Improved drop down lists to be scrollable and prevent them from going off screen on lower resolution devices
  • Added memory full warning message with an opt out option for disk full errors
  • Improved visibility of protected and unprotected cargo

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Discovery was unable to Summon and Jump system.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t type correctly using Cyrilic or Japanese alphabets.
  • Fixed an issue where relevant traits were incorrectly displayed in the results screen Officer’s avatar after completing an away teams assignment.
  • Fixed an issue where the trait dots on the corner of the Officer’s avatar were incorrectly displayed or missing in the Away Teams assignment screen.
  • Fixed a visual issue with two tokens appearing instead of one in the “Second Researcher Permanent Unlock” and “Second Builder Permanent Unlock” packs.
  • Fixed an issue where emojis were not displaying correctly in the chat.
  • Fixed an issue where a name tag was incorrectly displayed in the middle of a Mega Borg Cube system.
  • Fixed an issue where the dialogue in the mission “Undisclosed” was showing the text “for the Borg leader” instead of “for the Borg queen”.
  • Fixed an issue where the background was incorrectly displayed while a research node was opened.
  • Fixed an issue where some planet names were incorrectly displayed in the Cynderin system screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Replace” button was getting enabled for a fraction of a second after tapping on alliance consumables slot.
  • Fixed an issue where the locations linked to the “The Great Tribble Hunt” mission, during the 4th step, were not correct.
  • Fixed an issue where the dialogue during “Vendetta” part 5 mission was incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where two store tabs could be selected at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where the title of the rewards appeared truncated in the faction store bundle.
  • Fixed an issue where the text scaling was inconsistent in the building, researching, ship construction and scrapping queues in the HUD to optimize space.
  • Fixed an issue where the Academy name was displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Event Store and Store carousels moved to the right when selecting an offer and going back to the main screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Offer card arts could be missing in the store screen.
  • Fixed an issue where when navigating through store offers, the main screen could display a “no content available” message in the background for a moment.
  • Fixed an issue where a player could not cloak a ship using Drydock G.
  • Fixed an issue where a negative timer could be seen in the ‘Speed-up’ pop-up.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Recruit” button gets disabled if switching to the traits tab inside of an officers profile.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Putting on a show” mission description was incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where there was some visual flickering when transitioning from the event store directly to the event tab.
  • Fixed an issue where the players couldn’t correctly contribute the minimum amount to their alliances after leveling up the alliance.
  • Fixed an issue where planet names in the “Yifarux” system were displayed as “retrieving”.
  • Fixed an issue where two ‘Collect’ buttons were displayed when the Drydock G is ready to collect in the building upgrades.
  • Fixed an issue where the players couldn’t switch back and forth between the Player and Alliance ‘Exocomps’ in the Alliance ‘Exocomps’ menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the Romulan reputation reduction Exocomp has an inconsistent name and cuts off the text.
  • Fixed an issue where Syndicate level was incorrectly displayed after leveling your Operations to Level 10.
  • Fixed an issue where the game displayed a black bar around the game screen in some iPad devices.
  • Fixed an issue where chest summary buttons appeared visually far apart on PC.
  • Various localisation fixes

Live long and prosper, Commanders.