Patch 18 Release notes

By Star Trek 6 May 2020



Here you’ll find all release notes related to Patch 18.

New Content: Borg Mega Cube

We thought we saw everything that the Collective could throw at us… We were wrong.

Something looms on the horizon. Something huge. Something that drives fear into even the most battle-hardened Commanders. The major factions are helpless against this new threat. Their ships and troops are spread thin against the existing Borg forces.

Whatever awaits us, the fate of the galaxy rests on the shoulders of brave Independents, who now band together in a final, desperate defense…

Participate in the final Borg Mega Cube showdown which consists of  three phases (each lasting a few days) in which you Prepare for War, face Borg Armadas Unleashed, and finally attack the Borg Mega Cube:

Main Event throughout the showdown:

There will be an Alliance Milestone Event for the duration of of the event where:

  • Contribute progress by destroying Uncommon, Rare, and Epic Borg Armada targets.
  • Various milestones award a Mega Cube Warp Token, requiring Alliance-wide cooperation to attack the Mega Cube
  • “War Fund” token will be available outside of killing Armadas so that Commanders can contribute towards the Alliance Milestone events (i.e mining, donations, killing Borg Probes etc.).

PHASE 1 – Prepare For War

A variety of events that will give small amounts of shared progress as well as event currency to spend in the event store.

PHASE 2 – Borg Armadas Unleashed

  • A new set of “Borg Invasion” systems will be coming! Access them by gaining via Uncommon, Rare, and Epic warp toll tokens from the event store, events, or the store.
  • Defeating Borg Armada Targets will earn progress in events and will award the currency “Borg War Funds” as well as contribute significant progress to the Alliance Milestone Event.

PHASE 3 – Borg Mega Cube

  • Access to the Borg Mega Cube becomes available! Commanders must gain and use Mega Cube Warp tokens to access the Mega Cube systems.
  • The cube consists of weak-points which are Legendary Borg Armada targets.
  • Commanders will compete on Alliance and Solo Leaderboard events for Damage Dealt to the Mega Cube for valuable rewards.

Borg Missions

  • There will be 7 free Borg Missions that will be available throughout the showdown with the mega cube:
    • Phase 1 introduce that a full-scale Borg invasion is imminent
    • Phase 2 signal to players that Borg Armada targets have arrived
    • Phase 3 signals to players that the Borg Mega Cube has arrived and should be attacked
    • Mission at the end of the event which explores the aftermath of the Borg invasion

Borg Officer

There will be one new Rare Borg/Assimilated officer (Kras) who will be part of the same group as the previous Borg officers (Unimatrix Twelve).

6 of 10 – Kras

  • Class – Command
  • Maneuver – We are the Borg Every time the ship hits an opponent with an attack, Six of Ten decreases the opponent’s Shield Health by X% of the total Defense of all officers on the ship.
  • Ability  – Defenses are irrelevant – When attacking an Armada Target, every time the ship hits the opponent with a weapon attack, Six of Ten increases the Accuracy, Armor Piercing, and Shield Piercing of the ship by X% of the total Attack of all officers on the ship.

Avatars & Frames

There will also be:

  • 6 new Avatars 
  • 2 new Frames (each with Gold, Silver, Bronze versions)

Improvement: Mission Level Indicator

Developer Comments – We understand the frustration with checking what level recommendation each mission has when entering your missions tab. We have therefore now added a mission indicator to each new mission to identify them easier.

  • New missions now have a recommended level label.

Improvement: Guaranteed Armada Slots

Developer Comments – We want Armadas to be a truly tailored and engaging feature in the game. In order to help players organize their Armada attacks more easily, we’re giving Armada Leaders more control over which ships get to take part in their Armadas.

  • Armada Leaders can now choose to guarantee a slot in their Armada attacks to any player that has joined their Armada, by tapping on the star icon next to that player’s name in the Armada window
  • Armada Leaders cannot guarantee slots to more players than the maximum size of the Armada, but can unassign a guaranteed slot by tapping on the star icon next to a player’s name a second time
  • Any slots in an Armada that have not been assigned manually will automatically be filled from the available ships that have joined the Armada, as before

Improvement: Guaranteed Chest for Armada Leader

Developer comments: In recognition of the Directives they spend and the work they do in organizing Armada attacks, we have increased the rewards Armada Leaders will receive from successful Armada attacks.

  • A successful Armada attack will now always award the Armada Leader a special ‘Leader Chest’
    • The Leader Chests from defeating Uncommon and Rare Armada Targets contain bonus Uncommon and Rare Armada Credits plus a small amount of Rare or Epic Directives, respectively
    • The Leader Chests from defeating Epic Armada Targets contain additional bonus Epic Armada Credits
  • The existing Armada Chests will now be awarded to one of the other players in the Armada (the leader is guaranteed to get the new Leader Chest, but cannot get the normal Armada Chest as well)

Improvement: Receive more Peace Shields via Daily Goals

Developer Comments – After closely looking at your feedback we have identified how difficult it can be to obtain long lasting shields. We have gone ahead and added a 12 hour peace shield to your daily goals to make it easier to get a good night’s sleep free from worrying what time to wake up after that 8 – hour shield has been depleted.

  • A 12h Peace Shield was now added to Daily Goals. 

Improvement: Reduced Peace Shield Cost in Alliance Store

  • Reduced cost of peace shields in the alliance store.

Bug fixes

We’ve squashed some nasty bugs and here is the list: 

We are aware in some cases of the Resource Vaults not working properly – This should now be resolved.

  • Fixed: Resource Vaults not working as intended

Some of you may stumble upon a donation mission – Upon clicking the ‘Donate’ button, nothing would happens – This is now fixed and it should all work

  • Fixed: Some Donation Missions are broken

Stability improvements related to peace shields

  • Fixed: Peace shield amelioration