Roadmap Update

By Star Trek 9 October 2020


We would like to share plans of how we see the game growing and evolving with all of you, our community. We appreciate the passion and time all of you put into the game, and we share your love of Star Trek Fleet Command. It’s time to shed some light on what’s coming soon.

This Roadmap Update pulls back the curtain on some upcoming features. Some work may be nearing completion, while other features remain in a stage of prototyping or planning. Many details may change, as may the order and timing of their eventual release over the rest of this year and next. We hope you enjoy this look into the future.

Let’s get started! 

Territory Capture

As you know, Alliances create fundamental social structures and communities vital to having fun in Star Trek Fleet Command. Adding features for Alliances to play with is important to us. Through this new feature, players will lead their alliances to grab control of areas of the Galaxy that will also grant Alliance-wide buffs and other benefits. 

Territory Capture will allow you and your Alliance to battle it out and gain control over a portion of the galaxy. The ability of an alliance to coordinate and execute multiple operations at the same time will greatly define their success within Territory Capture. Power up weapons, and prepare your fleet for epic battles! 

Here are early stage screenshots of the team’s work on Territory Capture. The views and images may change before release, but it should provide an understanding of what we’re working on:

Here are some examples of the kinds of Alliance-wide buffs controlling a territory can give you:

  • + Ship Damage
  • – Repair Costs
  • + Mining Speed

A Personalized Star-ship

There are many aspects of the game where we believe we can allow players to customize their experience. One of them is your ships and their appearances. What do you want your Enterprise to appear like in space, and when viewed close up? We’re still looking at several options here, so stay tuned. 

Second Builder

Another feature the team is working on is giving the ability to players to build two structures in their station at the same time. Construct two different buildings simultaneously and increase your throughput.

Officer Away Missions

The characters from Star Trek tell the stories of Star Trek, and we’re as eager as you have been in your feedback to make our officers more interesting, more useful, and more valuable. A project we’re working on is the ability to dispatch Officers on away missions across the Galaxy. We have accumulated a large number of Officers; strategically choosing which Officers you want to send off to battles, missions, mining, exploration etc. is a part of the strategic mechanics of the game. Choose which Officers you’d like to send to missions, power them up, and gain valuable resources in return.

Last Online Status

We have heard from many of you about the need for better tools to manage your alliances to compete on events. Adding a “Last Online” status to each member of the alliance is going to help the Admirals and Commodores understand who are the most active players in their alliance.

More Content on the Way

Moreover, we are working on exciting new content. Ships and Officers that expand the combat meta along with Territory Capture and offer new roles within the Alliance. We have also been following your suggestions on new Officer abilities, both through surveys and our Mods. Utility related Officers providing mining speed or safe cargo are a high priority that we are looking to incorporate in our upcoming releases.

Balancing Your Time

Over the last year, we added several new side loops to the game, as a side effect we are aware that this heavily increased the demand for daily activity for most of our players. We are now looking into possible improvements that allow players a stronger agency managing their playtime.

Reminder: Everything mentioned is a work in progress, so they might not hit the live servers precisely as described and we cannot yet provide an estimated date of release.  

These are just some of the many ideas the team is working on. We will continue to listen, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you think, and we will keep updating this series as we move into deeper space. We are committed as a team to create the best possible experience for all of you and we appreciate your help getting there!