SNW James T Kirk Takes The Captain’s Chair

By rebekah 17 May 2024


we would like to introduce you to the newest version of the oldest Star Trek hero, Strange New Worlds James Kirk! First introduced in the finale of season 1, SNW James Kirk appears as a more brash and cavalier style of captain than Pike is comfortable with, but as Pike learns, sometimes that’s just what the galaxy needs.

In STFC, as it was in Strange New Worlds, James Kirk is a more aggressive sort of captain. His abilities reflect this difference in command style, as you will see if you use him as the captain on a ship in place of SNW Pike. Where SNW Pike balanced offense and defense, SNW James Kirk presses the attack immediately and aggressively.

Captain Ability: Command Prodigy

  • SNW James Kirk reduces enemy Shield Mitigation by 40% vs non-Armada Hostiles. Synergy adds +30% for a perfect synergy or +15% for normal. Maximum value is 100%.

With perfect synergy, this allows your ship to fully bypass hostile shields! This is ideal for use against any hostile that has high shield HP as compared to hull HP. Some examples of these are Borg probes, Silent Enemies, Jem’hadar hostiles, Cardassian hostiles, and normal Federation/Klingon/Romulan faction hostiles.

Officer Ability: Phaser-Bank Operator

  • SNW James Kirk increases base Weapon Damage by 200%/600%/1,200%/2,000%/3,500% vs non-Armada Hostiles.

Sometimes the simplest answer is to just hit the enemy as hard as you can. SNW James Kirk will certainly assist with that!

Here are some examples of SNW Pike based crews where you could try using SNW James Kirk instead to strengthen your offense!

SNW James Kirk / SNW Uhura / SNW Una For fighting battleships with an interceptor

SNW James Kirk / SNW Ortegas / SNW UnaFor fighting explorers with a battleship

SNW James Kirk / SNW Spock  / SNW Una For fighting interceptors with an explorer

SNW Pike in the Captain’s Chair –

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SNW James Kirk in the Captain’s Chair –

If you would like to try using the two SNW Kirk brothers together, here are some excellent ways to do so!

SNW James Kirk / SNW Sam Kirk / SNW Una | Tom Paris below deckFor general use. Critical damage will be very high.

SNW James Kirk / SNW Sam Kirk / SNW HemmerThe most effective crew for defeating surveys quickly.

SNW James Kirk / SNW Sam Kirk / SNW Pelia | SNW Chapel below deck For hunting the Gorn

Whatever combination you choose, we wish you luck out there.

The Star Trek Team