By gabriel 21 December 2023

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Can you believe Star Trek Fleet Command has celebrated its 5th Anniversary?!

As we wrap up the events around this milestone, we wanted to show how we recognized it with our community these last couple of months:

5th Year Anniversary Paramount Day:

  • Select players who won our lottery events received a special invite for a full Star Trek day at Paramount Studios and got a special screening of Star Trek: First Contact!

Borg PC Raffle:

  • We teamed up with CherryTree and created a logical and resistant Top-end PC which four lucky players won! Congrats!

Star Trek Legacy Reel:

  • Players were able to see a recap of their total career as a Star Trek Commander with the STFC Legacy Reel:

Now that the celebrations are behind us, it’s time to look forward and check what we have in store for 2024!

As always, details are subject to change, as may the order and timing of their eventual releases.

Ionite Nebula”- Instanced PvP Universe

  • Wave Defence marked the start of a focus to deliver new, more dynamic, ways to play STFC that require knowledge, strategy and skill to succeed. For 2024, we are looking to add even more interesting and fun gameplay options for all of our players:
  • Imagine a new regional instanced universe, with a unique galaxy map where players from all servers enter to engage in structured, competitive PvP matches for a limited time.
  • Not intended to compete with Incursions (Server vs. Server PvP), this will provide a competitive gameplay mode for our PvP-inclined players. This mode will go beyond regular ship battles or raiding, and require players to achieve victory.
  • We aim to create some time window-limited cross-server events every month where players from multiple servers have the option to participate and discover who are truly the strongest Commanders..

Dynamic “Boss” Hostiles

  • Another new gameplay mechanic we are looking to add is a new type of cooperative activity that allows for more dynamic and collaborative gameplay and strategic choice for officers, ships, and active ship abilities.
  • Combat against these hostiles will play out in real-time and will allow for more participants in battle, for more location and dynamic actions, and for more specific ship roles in order to take down a massive enemy hostile.

Alliance Games

  • A new type of regional cross-server competitive event that will pit alliances against each other in a unique league system for big rewards.
  • We want to focus and add new options for alliances so they have a variety of collaborative tasks, promoting teamwork, competition, and strategic planning to engage against a group of other top alliances across our game.
  • Expect the feature and the first alliance league to arrive in Q2 of 2024.

Quality Focus rather than Quantity

A big focus for us in 2024 will be on quality, rather than quantity.

We have just had a year packed with exciting content, events, and features. We released Fleet Commanders and Wave Defense, to mention just a couple. We are massively proud of the impact these have made inside the game, but we also feel that it’s important to recognize that we may have dropped the ball in other places.

We are happy with the gameplay of Wave Defense as a feature but the performance and issues at launch fell below your expectations (and ours).
Other features like Artifact Hall did not meet the quality bar we are striving for and we have since worked hard to remedy some of the issues (more to come for this in 2024). 
For next year, we want to ensure that we release fewer but more exciting features so we can deliver the best kind of experience you all deserve.

We can and will do better.

Lastly, we will also do our best to engage with the recently created Player Council so we can get early player feedback on many of these features which will allow us to make changes and adjustments as we develop them.

A lot of work goes into these big features and we hope this direction will improve our game in a meaningful way that you will appreciate.

Bug Fixes

Another hot topic that comes to our attention often is our existing list of bugs in the game.

We recognize that over 2023, the player experience has degraded with some of our more persistent annoying bugs plus performance issues.

To that end, a big priority for us in 2024 will be to reduce our bug counts and release smoother releases each month.

2024 IP/Shows

We wanted to give you some insight on the cool Star Trek IP we plan to release next year:

  • It’s been a long road, getting from there to here… The remaining big IP from the main shows, yes, you guessed it, Enterprise is coming 🙂

As you can see from our sneak peek images below, we’re big fans of Enterprise, and plan to revisit some of its most popular story arcs and concepts. More on that later!

  • We plan to bring back a couple of shows that we have done in the past and examine different seasons and eras of them. Those may include Strange New Worlds, Deep Space Nine and The Original Series.
  • We are also planning a very special surprise for 2024 with a unique IP for one month, which we believe will get most of you excited (but we can’t reveal much yet…)

“Change is the essential process of all existence” – Spock

We hope you’ll be with us throughout 2024 as we add more content and features to Star Trek Fleet Command!

LLAP – The entire STFC Team