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Star Trek Fleet Command Roadmap Update: April 2023

By Star Trek 1 April 2023


April showers bring Mayflowers(get it?)! As we embark into the month of April, we wanted to share some of our roadmap plans for what’s coming up.

As always, details are subject to change, as may the order and timing of their eventual release, but we hope you’ll be excited by our latest roadmap update:

A New Way to PIP

During the last several months, we have heard a lot of feedback regarding pips in game, and how players are wanting a more efficient way to clear them. Beginning in April, we will be removing all pips in favor of one large pip in the center of your screen. This pip will then go away once all gifts, claims, and notifications have been cleared. We understand that pips detract from the gameplay experience Star Trek Fleet Command provides, and we’re excited for the positive impact this will have on players day-to-day.

Nature Decays, But Latinum Lasts Forever

A few months ago, we introduced a banner that notified players when their Treasury was full. While we saw a strong response from players, we understood that there was room for improvement. As a result of that feedback, we are happy to announce that the Treasury Banner is making a permanent comeback! Going forward, the Treasury banner will remain at the top of Commander’s screens as soon as it is full. We have extended the Treasury banners duration to one month to make sure Commanders have time to show off their achievement to their alliance mates! 

**Mockup. Not an actual in-game feature

Mr Worf, fire!

We are making an improvement to the attack feature! We’ve heard feedback that there can sometimes be too many objects  on screen while playing Star Trek Fleet Command. To go along with our other efficiency related themes like the Ex-Borg faction, from now on, in place of the attack button, attacks will only be voice activated! Going forward, you can engage in combat by selecting the ship you’d like to attack with and then use the phrase “Fire Photon Torpedoes.” to do so.  While we are looking to add additional voice lines and ways for Commanders to interact with Star Trek Fleet Command, we feel this is a great first step into the next generation of Star Trek Fleet Command

The Bek Effect

Fleet Commanders is a new feature that was introduced back in January of this year. We’ve heard a lot of great feedback about Fleet Commanders and how they can be improved, and we’re happy to announce that our very own Community Manager Bek will be our very next Fleet Commander.
While we are still working on the specifics of what her skill trees will be,our initial concept is:

  • Bek will have a skill that turns all enemy, alliances & players, green
  • Botany Bay will become a combat ship when Bek is slotted as a fleet commander
  • Players will have the ability to remove all combat from the game and achieve events solely through active mining
  • A new daily goal “Plants are life” will be added with the objective to tend to the plants that sprout at random times in your station
    • Also we will be adding space plants

We can’t wait for everyone to try out this exciting new Fleet Commander in the coming months and the new gameplay experiences it will bring 

**Mockup. Not an actual in-game feature

Data, Run the Numbers

Finally, we have seen how passionate our Commanders are. They’ve made amazing community tools such as STFC.Space and Spock’s Club. There are many of you exporting battle logs, analyzing the data, and doing calculations yourselves before engaging in battle. With this knowledge, we’ve decided to let everyone take the combat one step further.

From now on, all combat calculations will be done manually by each Commander!

In order to ensure that all calculations are reaching the same results, if math is incorrect when entered into the battle log, the Commanders ship will automatically self-destruct.

We feel this new way to engage with Star Trek Fleet Command will help everyone fully understand the ins and outs of combat.

The team has been working hard on these updates, and we are excited to bring in these features in 2023! Let us know what you’re most looking forward to and we will provide additional updates in the coming months!


The STFC Team