Star Trek Fleet Command Update 60 – Patch Notes

By gabriel 7 November 2023

The crew of the Enterprise under Captain Picard encounters a new alien species, the Torvath. They are distinctly non-human, closer to a prawn species, though on a much larger scale, with a much more visceral appearance. They are a technologically evolved civilization, and it will be revealed they have a high sense of culture. But they are also highly xenophobic and strongly believe themselves to be superior.

At first they are amused by the humans who attempt to make contact and befriend them, like we might feel about a baby rodent, before that feeling turns to disgust and paranoia, as they learn of the Federation, what they consider to be a dangerous, rival hegemony of unlike abominations who must be wiped out if the cosmos is to remain pure for the Torvath.

Can Picard convince them that peaceful coexistence is possible, or does the Alpha Quadrant face another galaxy-spanning conflict?

Welcome to Update 60, Make It So – Part 1

Update 60 Includes:

  • The Brand New “Borg Cube” ship
  • G6 Expansion
  • New Officers
  • New Prime Research
  • New Missions
  • New Cosmetics
  • New Battle Pass
  • And more

Check out all of the details in the full patch notes down below.

The Borg Cube

For the first time, Commanders 28 and above will have the opportunity to add the Borg Cube to their fleet. The Borg Cube is unique in various ways that separate itself from any other ship in Star Trek Fleet Command.

  • The Borg Cube is the first ship in Star Trek Fleet Command that grows in power alongside its Commander.
  • Starting at Ops 28, the Borg Cube grows in power based upon the strength of your Faction ships, scaling all the way to Operations Level 70
  • The Borg Cube has the first-ever active ship ability, Borg Cutting Beam, that does damage outside of normal combat
  • A full unlock of the Borg Cube is available in the Elite Battle Pass, and several of those blueprints are located in the free path. 

With a ship as unique as this, we wanted to provide as much information as possible so everyone could understand exactly how to utilize it to its full potential. To check out everything you need to know about this brand new ship, check out the Borg Cube feature spotlight here.

G6 Expansion

Many moons ago, Grade 5 was released in Star Trek Fleet Command. We’ve seen many of you face the challenges provided within this expansion, climbing the ranks all the way to Operations Level 60. The more we learn about the galaxy, the more questions arise. This month, Grade 6 is available offering:

  • New level cap, Operations Level 70
  • New “Hazard” systems
  • 13 new faction ships
  • 120 new systems
  • 275+ Missions
  • And much more!

New Officers

Two new officers will be available this month, the Epic MIS Picard and Rare MIS Data.

Epic Enterprise-E Picard

Captain’s Maneuver: Captain’s Prerogative:

  • Increase the rewards your ship receives from hostiles by 60% (increasing by an additional 20%/40% based on tier)

Officer Ability: We Used to Be Explorers

  • Each time your ship hits with a weapon, increase Isolytic Cascade Damage by a percent for three rounds against Hostiles
  • 3/5/6/10/15%

Enterprise-E Data

Officer Ability: Saddle Up, Lock and Load!

  • Increase Isolytic Cascade Damage by a percent against non-Armada Hostiles
  • 10/15/20/30/40%

Below Deck Ability: Unsafe Velocities

  • Increase the ship’s base Max Cargo by a percent
  • 20/30/40/55/70%

New Research

There are two new prime researches that will be available this month:

G3 – G5 Prime Research Efficiency

  • Increase Cost Efficiency for G3 – G5 Research by 200%

Prime Junking Speed

  • Increase Scrap Speed by 200%

New Missions

There are sixteen (16) new missions available this month.

Make It So Missions

There are ten (10) new missions that will introduce a brand new species into STFC lore, the Torvath.

Borg Cube Missions

There will be five (5) new missions to introduce the Borg Cube ship to all players Operations level 28 and above.

Heroes vs Villians

There will be one (1) new mission that will be part of a special event this month. This mission will have lasting consequences on some events that you participate in for the remainder of the month, so be sure to choose wisely.

New Cosmetics and Battle Pass

A brand new BattlePass with 30 free and 30 elite milestones will be available starting on day 1 of the Make it So Arc. Throughout the month, you can also earn six (6) new Avatars, four (4) new frames, and one (1) new hailing frequency. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when upgrading Forbidden Tech, the chance to succeed would appear as 0%
  • Fixed an issue with resource icons overlapping with the event store tab
  • Fixed an issue where the “Full” cargo message would disappear from the ship bar if the ship was moved to another node and started to mine again
  • Fixed an issue with the descriptions for the Officer Ability and Below Deck abilities for Shaxx
  • Fixed an issue where the faction reputation tier for each faction was not displaying accurately
  • Fixed an issue where on Texas-class hostiles, peace shields would sometimes not go down upon attacking them.
  • Fixed an issue where the station housing icon would sometimes not appear next to systems with available planets
  • Fixed an issue where the Armada start Alliance chat would not indicate the correct Armada rarity
  • Fixed an issue where when unlocking  Forbidden Tech slots it would appear the Commanders had the materials needed when they didn’t
  • Fixed an issue where when selecting the “Acquire” button for Forbidden Tech it would take Commanders to the wrong tab
  • Fixed an issue where when trying to slot a Forbidden Tech it would appear the Commanders had the materials needed when they didn’t
  • Fixed an issue where the Dynamic Island on iPhone 15 was blocking parts of the UI

Localization Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the mission “Temporal Cartography” part 5 had duplicated text
  • Fixed an issue where “Temporal Cartography” part 2 had duplicated text