Store Update

By Sierra 25 June 2024

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Imagine an improved Store where you find what you’re looking for in the blink of an eye… and that’s because the pack you want is so much easier to find!

With this update, our primary goal was to improve the player experience by working on its structure, specifically through adding groups and visual differentiators.

New Store Groups

The new groups you’re seeing now in the store come with clear benefits and strategic improvements for you:

Enhanced Navigation and Discoverability: The introduction of clearly defined groups within the store simplifies the browsing experience, enabling you to find the packs you need more quickly and efficiently.

Grouping Offers by Relevance: Offers related to specific gameplay aspects, like limited-time offers or new packs, will be grouped together, helping you quickly navigate to the most timely and relevant content.

Enhanced Shopping Experience: This store update aims to reduce clutter by organizing offers into relevant groups, making the store less overwhelming and more user-friendly.

New Visual Differentiators

The visual differentiators come with the following advantages and improvements:

  • Immediate Value Recognition: Visual differentiators such as color variations and borders make it easier for you to quickly identify the most valuable and relevant offers. This helps in making informed purchasing decisions faster.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Enhanced visual elements contribute to a more engaging and aesthetically pleasing store interface.
  • Enhanced Product Categorization: Visual differentiators help categorize products more distinctly, which simplifies the search process and groups similar items effectively.

– The STFC Team