Temporal Artifacts

By rebekah 4 March 2024

“Our Science Directorate has determined that Time Travel is impossible.” -Ambassador Soval of Vulcan.

Commanders, prepare yourselves for the impossible! We are now introducing Temporal Artifacts, the very existence of which defies conventional explanation. In their fight against the rest of the galaxy, the Xindi are receiving aid from beyond time and space. It’s time for you to do the same! By defeating Silent Enemies, you can acquire the means to manifest Temporal Artifacts. These new artifacts bring with them many exciting new abilities as well as powerful enhancements to existing ones.

Silent Enemies

In order to get your hands on these powerful new artifacts, you will have to overcome a mighty challenge. The mysterious aliens known only as Silent Enemies have arrived, and they must be defeated if you want to claim the power of the Temporal Artifacts. They reside near the Delphic Expanse in the Silent Nebula, and you can claim a daily bundle in the Exborg faction store in order to acquire the Silent Nebula Tokens you will need to travel there.

The Silent Enemies rely heavily on boosting their critical rate and damage in combat, and you will want to protect yourself against that in order to defeat them. They also inflict Burning, making them the first hostiles you have ever faced that can inflict a state on your ship. If you can overpower them, the Silent Enemies will drop Temporal Disruptor Parts. These can then be traded for reward chests that contain Temporal Disruptors, as well as other highly desirable rewards such as ship parts, refined materials, and even prime research materials!

Temporal Artifacts Loop

Once you’ve acquired Temporal Disruptors, you can refine them into shards of your desired artifact. Unlike the previously introduced set of artifacts, these new ones can be unlocked in whichever order you choose to best complement your playstyle. Regardless of playstyle we recommend beginning with The Great Eye of Ara, as it reduces the shard cost of all artifacts, Temporal or otherwise! There will be a Day 1 offer for the Great Eye along with the Guardian of Forever, and this will be an excellent opportunity to hit the ground running! Remember to Restore the Great Eye before the Guardian in order to get the most out of your shards!

  • The Great Eye of Ara
    • Reduces the shard cost of all artifacts for restoration and upgrading.
  • Orb of the Emissary
    • Crit chance boost for Explorers vs Interceptors
  • Orb of Time
    • Crit chance boost for Interceptors vs Battleships
  • Orb of Prophecy
    • Crit chance boost for Battleships vs Explorers
  • Jaheela
    • Damage bonus in Wave Defense for all ships
  • La’an’s 21st Century Watch
    • Construction speed boost (Stacks with the Kurlan Naiskos boost)
  • Stone of Memory
    • Daily Syndicate XP Claim boost
  • Temporal Observatory
    • Warp speed boost (Stacks with the Stamets’ Original Mycelium Sample boost)
  • Nero’s Trident
    • Officer stats boost
  • Chroniton Sample
    • Borg Cube cutting beam damage boost
  • Krulmuth-B Portal
    • Reduces damage taken in PvP
  • Iconian Gateway
    • Increases repair cost efficiency for FKR ships (including Sigma resources!)
  • Boreth Time Crystal
    • Damage bonus vs hostiles for all ships
  • Guardian of Forever
    • Reduces true critical damage taken (except during armadas, starbase assaults, and station defense)
  • Book of the Kosst Amojan
    • Hull HP boost for all ships

With the power of these Temporal Artifacts at your command, the Xindi and their patrons won’t stand a chance against you. The Vulcan Science Directorate may believe this power to be impossible, but now you can prove them wrong!


-The Star Trek Team