Territory Capture Season One FAQ

By gabriel 29 September 2023

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Since the announcement of Territory Capture Season One, we’ve gotten a lot of questions on what to expect with this new revamp! We’ve been putting together the most frequently asked questions and are happy to give some additional details before the reset in October. Take a look below to find out more!

Q: Are the locations and services for territories changing with the reset?
A: For season one, the services and locations of territory remain the same but we added a few new services to existing territories.. With this being the first time Territory is resetting like this, we didn’t want to shake things up too much right out of the gate. However, we have additional ideas for future seasons and will be looking forward to any feedback you have on Season One

Q: Are the rules for Territory Capture (number of territories an Alliance can own and takeover times) changing?
A: Nope! These will all be the same for season one. If you’d like to see these changed in future seasons be sure to let us know on our official community channels! This is an iterative process and we’ll be making a variety of changes season to season

Q: How long does the Season Pass last for?
A: The season pass lasts for three months. The events, milestones, and rewards will be able to be earned over the course of three months, and just like the battle pass, premium access can be acquired at any time before the next one begins and lasts the entire season.

Q: Is there overflow for the Season Pass?
A: There is not an overflow for the Season Pass at this time.

Q: Are we adding G5 mining nodes to Territory Space?

A: Yes we are! They will be located in T3 territories.

Q: Have there been any changes to stability (lag) for Territory Capture?

A: The team has been working on a variety of back end adjustments over the past few months. You may have noticed that over the course of September 2023, all servers went down for a two hour maintenance for this exact reason. While we know there are always more improvements we can make, the team is hard at work each month to address these concerns but we are aware that more work is needed to improve the experience when large ship battles occur in single systems. 
Q: I heard Monaveen BPs can be earned as a Territory Service. Which tier?
A: The Monaveen BP service can be located in a number of T3 territories.

Q: Are the Territory Capture Isogen nodes or particles being changed in any way for Season 1?
A: For season one all of those features will stay the same. We are however adding a new resource, Chronometric Particles, which will be used in the research tree extension for Territory Capture Season 1.