Territory Capture – Takeover

By Star Trek 7 November 2020

Territory Capture


Following up from our Territory Capture Update, we wanted to share with you more, in-depth information. In this article, we will be discussing the concept of a Takeover. There are 2 main parts to Territory Capture: taking over a territory and owning one.

Origin Sector is the new territory on the Galaxy map where Territory Capture will take place. Each system is within a specific Zone, which offers various Services to the Alliance that owns the Zone.

Each Zone has a set time once a week when its Takeover will take place. Takeovers last either 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Once a Takeover has started, tap on the Zone you want to participate in, pay the resource required, and get your Alliance ready.

Once your Alliance has joined a Takeover, everyone in your Alliance receives a notification and an Alliance chat message, similar to when any Alliance member starts an Armada.  The Alliance Button on the bottom left pulsates red. In your Alliance window, a Territory button has a list of Zones your Alliance owns or has joined for you to click to be directed to that Zone.

Score more points than other Alliances during a Takeover to capture a zone. Alliances score points by having ships present within the systems, or by holding  new types of nodes called Capture Nodes. Scores work across Zones, so scoring points in any system within a Zone contributes to that Zone’s Takeover score.

Having ships in the system  gives 1 point per minute for your Alliance, but occupying a Capture Node gives your Alliance 3 extra points per minute (for a total of 4 points per minute for that single ship). If an Alliance wants to capture a territory, they should prioritize occupying Capture Nodes.

During the last third of a Takeover, it goes into Overdrive mode. All scoring is multiplied by three.

Once the Takeover period is over, the Alliance with the most points wins that Zone of systems. They will then be able to relocate their stations to the Zone, mine on exclusive nodes, and activate Services that Zone offers. 

At the start of the next Takeover for that Zone, the Alliance that owned the zone during the last period will automatically join the Takeover without having to pay the Takeover resource cost.

Here is a short FAQ about the Takeover

Q. Are there limitations on how many Zones an Alliance can capture?

A. A powerful Alliance must choose which Zones it most wants to capture (and this can change over time), and no single Alliance can capture the whole galaxy as the limitation is 5 Zones in total independence of the tier.

Q: As long as I can pay the Takeover join fee, can my Alliance capture any zone we want?

A: If your Alliance doesn’t own any territory, you can only attempt to join Takeover T1 zones.

If your Alliance owns a territory, you can only attempt to join Takeovers in an adjacent zone. (Zones are considered adjacent if there’s a direct warp path between systems).

For example, if my Alliance has captured zone A, it can then choose to capture Zone’s B and C but not D.

Q. What if I’m in a system but my Alliance has not “joined” the Takeover yet?

A: Points are only given to Alliances that have joined.  You will not start scoring or gaining points until your Alliance Admiral or Commodore clicks to Join the active Takeover on that Zone’s Embassy.

Q: Does it matter which system my ships are in during a Takeover ?

A: Takeover scores are calculated across the whole zone.  

Q: How will I know that my ship is scoring?

A: If your ship is actively scoring during a Takeover , there will be a Takeover icon on that ship in the bottom center of your screen.  Clicking into that Zone’s Embassy will show the current score of all participating Alliances.

Q. How many Capture nodes are there per system? 

A. There are between 4 – 20 Capture nodes depending on the system.

Q. If I will dock on a node before the Takeover starts, will I be scoring points?

A. No, you can start scoring points only when the Takeover has started. If you were occupying a node before, you will have to leave it and dock it again.

Q: How do I score points on Capture nodes?

A: Capture nodes mechanics are similar to mining node mechanics. Send your ship to an unoccupied capture node to dock and score points. If the capture node is occupied, you must defeat the occupant before you can dock on the node.

You will receive 4 points per minute for every ship on a capture node: 3 point node bonus and 1 point for being present in the system.

Q. Can I attack players in a zone during a Takeover if my Alliance is not participating in that Takeover ?

A. Yes, you can freely attack and move around zones during Takeover .

Q. Can I view other systems in the same Zone if I don’t have a ship or base in those systems?

A. No, you can only view zones where you have either a base or ship. 

Q: Do I get points for destroying other players’ ships or stations during a Takeover ?

A: No, you only get points for having ships present in the system or docked on a Capture Node. Destroying other players can be helpful during a Takeover as it prevents them from scoring points.

Q: If my ships are docked at home and my station is in a Takeover zone, will they score points?

A: No, ships docked in stations will not score points during a Takeover.