Territory Capture – Update

By Star Trek 29 October 2020


Thanks for your response to the upcoming Territory Capture feature from the Roadmap Update! We know you’re eager to learn about it, and we’re excited to share more information with you, as well as answer some of your questions.

We set out on this mission to enhance the game’s social experience. Star Trek Fleet Command constantly evolves, and with it our community of commanders grows and changes. To cultivate this, we are releasing a feature that expands the competitive, strategic, and social experiences that STFC has to offer.

The Galaxy Map will be updated with a new area of space called the Origin Sector. The star systems within the Origin Sector are grouped into zones. Alliances can fight to control each zone during a “Takeover” to gain access to that zone’s services. These services are Alliance-wide benefits that can only be activated by the Alliance that owns that zone.

To participate in a takeover, an Alliance must commit to it with a donation of a “fee” (a new Alliance Resource that will be available with Territory Capture). During a “Takeover” window, Alliances accumulate points when their ships are present in the systems, and by holding a new type of node called “Capture Nodes”. Each Alliance scores points towards that specific zone where their ships reside. Once a Territory has been captured, the Alliance that won will be granted certain benefits/rewards.

Owner Exclusive Mining

Resource nodes can only be mined by the members of the Alliance that owns the zone

Owner Exclusive Housing

Only the Alliance that owns the zone can relocate their bases in those specific systems.

Buffs & Services

Services available in each zone can only be activated by the Alliance that owns the zone. Higher Tier zones will have more valuable services. The services available in each zone may change over time. An example service that we will have at launch is “+20% damage to hostiles”. Each Tier will have its own set of Services that can be viewed from an Embassy.

Territory Capture Store

There will be a new Territory Capture store available.

Lastly, we heard your comments and potential concerns when we released the Roadmap Update and wanted to address them:

Q. Will territory Capture be tailored towards higher level Alliances?

A. This is why we’re introducing a Tier system to the types of territories that can be captured. There are limits to how many Zones an Alliance can control (which can be increased with Alliance level) that ensures that no Alliance can own the whole Galaxy map.  In addition, points are scored regardless of ship strength, meaning lower level players are contributing just as much as higher level players with their presence. This will allow Alliances to choose which Tier of system (and which system specifically) they want to focus on, take over, and then defend. 

Generally, the strength of an Alliance and their ability to coordinate decide the size and value of Territory they will be able to defend. 

Q. How will Territory Capture affect Alliance Diplomacy?

A. For its first iteration, Diplomacy will not play any official role in Territory Capture, though players may choose to make strategic decisions based on their allies and enemies. 

Q. Will the USS Discovery be able to summon ships to Origin Sector systems?

A. Yes, the Summoning ability works in Territory Capture, and the USS Discovery can summon ships in and out of those territories. We expect the USS Discovery to play an interesting role in the combat meta around Territory Capture

Q. What will happen to stations that reside in the Takeover system after the Takeover ends and their Alliance lose sovereignty? 

A. Stations located within zones that are not owned by their alliance will be unable to activate their peace shields.

Q. Will the systems be protected from other players (i.e. once captured will other alliances be able to enter the systems)?

A. Yes, anyone can enter those territories, but only Alliances that have captured those territories can mine & relocate their bases. We expect Alliances to establish their own rules concerning foreign players within their Territory.

Q. How long will an alliance hold the zone before the next takeover? 

A. Territory Capture will launch with a weekly cadence across all tiers.

Q. At what warp range can I enter the Origin Sector?

A. The minimum warp range required is warp 20.

Live Long and Prosper Commanders

The STFC team