Update 42 – Release Notes

By Star Trek 3 May 2022



Introducing Anthology!

The Star Trek universe spreads far and wide with a massive system and a fabled history. Every Commander has had an unique journey that we’d like to focus on with this update. We’d like to welcome everyone to Star Trek Anthology. Over the next four weeks, Commanders will have unique story experiences each week related to The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Discovery. Complete events, collect event store currency, and claim the rewards you see most valuable. Last but not least, claim the latest Lower Decks officers, Rutherford and Tendi,  to round out your crew.

The Lower Decks arc includes:

  • New Refits
  • New Prime Research node
  • Two new Lower Decks Officers
  • Thirty two new missions
  • Battle Pass
  • Eight new Avatars & five new Frames

New Refits

Two new refits will be introduced with this release. The S31 Discovery refit (Level 21+) will increase the Officers shards in Discovery Recruit Chest by 50%, and add Lorca to the pool of Officers. The Salvager refit (Level 39+) will increase the amount of D’vor Feesha Parts from the Concentrated Latinum Refinery by 100%.  It will also open new Latinum Refinery options to trade Feesha parts in for regular ship parts based on Feesha tier. Tier 1-9 will provide 4* Ship Parts and Tier 10-12 5* Ship parts.

New Faction Ships: 5* Rare Miners

The Federation, Klingon, and Romulan factions are rewarding your loyalty with new vessels to help with your means of production. These ships are available from the faction store upon reaching operation level 58.

  • Vrax ship added to the Romulan faction store.
  • Mow’Ga ship added to the Klingon faction store.
  • Uss Beatty added to the Federation faction store

New Research

The Syndicate Prime Node in the Galaxy research tree (level 27+) will double the amount of Syndicate XP gained from the free daily chest!

New Officers

Two new officers have warped into Star Trek Fleet Command, Tendi and Rutherford. These officers come with a Below Deck ability instead of a Captain Maneuver to support their assigned ship. Using them in the lower decks of a ship will provide great benefits and utility other officers may not have.

  • [Epic] Tendi, now available as an Epic Officer:
    • Below Decks Ability: Fix it Right Up!
      • Increase HHP by X%
    • Officer Ability: Yay, Friends!
      • Increase Health of all Officer by X%

  • [Rare] Rutherford, now available as a Rare Officer
    • Below Decks Ability: Cybernetic Overlocking
      • Increase SHP by X% 
    • Officer Ability: I Hope This Works . . . 
      • Increase Mitigation by X% 

New Missions

The Anthology update comes with new stories for each commander to experience from a different place in Star Trek History totaling 32 missions. Each week will focus on learning more about the crews from The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Discovery. For our Lower Deck fans, new missions will be obtainable in the latest battle pass.

Lower Decks

God Complex (level 10+) The Cerritos has the great honor of undertaking one of Starfleet’s most exciting tasks… A routine geological survey! During this, um… extremely important mission, Ransom inadvertently sends the crew into a battle for their very lives, as the Cerritos is pulled into the center of a hollow planet! 

Scapegoats (level 25+) The Lower Decks crew finally gets to take some shore leave, their vacation doesn’t last long. An old flame of Mariner’s promises an easy paycheck for some less than legal work, but the crew will discover that there’s more to this than meets the eye.  

The Original Series

Innominate  (level 51+) The Enterprise encounters one of its strangest enemies yet, a megalomaniac AI with aspirations of godhood! Kirk will need every bit of his wit and creativity to guide his crew out of danger this time. 

In Times of Trouble  (level 25+) The Enterprise responds to Romulan aggression at the Federation border. Outnumbered and outgunned, Kirk will need to think fast to save the day.  

Discovery Swings and Roundabouts  (level 35+) The Discovery has suffered a critical malfunction and is stuck in an endless cycle of jumps! They will need the assistance of the Commander to solve this quantum mystery and save them from the mycelial network.   

The Next Generation

Hustle Culture  (level 25+) Witness the origin story of Quark, everyone’s favorite space capitalist, as he makes his humble beginnings in the casino industry. 

Unearthed  (level 40+) The Enterprise crew makes a startling historical discovery that threatens to unravel the fabrics of Klingon society.  

Battle Pass

An all-new Battle Pass featuring new officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month or purchasing the Premium Pass.


  • Uncommon: Shaxs
  • Uncommon: Anthology
  • Uncommon: Dr. T’Ana 
  • Rare: Rutherford
  • Rare: The Dog
  • Rare: Peanut Hamper
  • Epic: Tendi
  • Epic: Totally Normal Dog


  • Uncommon Peanut Hamper
  • Rare Anthology
  • Rare Feesha Salvager
  • Rare Discovery Section 31
  • Epic T’Ana Ears


  • Added an improvement where the shards required to unlock a refit are visible in the pop-ups.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Mining nodes would give a different resource than the one displayed in systems where multiple resources could spawn.
  • Fixed an issue where the Nova was invisible after equipping the Nova refit
  • Fixed an issue where the USS Cerritos release animation would sometimes collide with the camera
  • Fixed an issue where the Irvinite pop-up referred to Cerritos Ship ability as “Buff” instead of “Support”.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cerritos tutorial would appear again when the game was reinstalled.
  • Fixed an issue where the battle log was exported in English instead of the language selected in the System.
  • Fixed an issue where the Daily Syndicate XP bundle was claimable two times in a row when tapping claim quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where a blank portrait appeared in Faction Store bundles.
  • Fixed an issue where the pencil icon (Filters button) was not functional on the Away Team Assignment screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Events icon was not visible.
  • Fixed an issue where the Store button in the Resources tab (Inventory) was not linked to the Offers tab
  • Fixed an issue where the “Select” button is overlapping with the text “Same system” for summoning or supporting.
  • Fixed an issue where the pop-ups would appear upon tapping instead of releasing.

Live long and prosper, Commanders.