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Update 43.1 Release Notes

By Star Trek 21 June 2022


With this update, we’re focusing on bug fixes and quality of life adjustments. We’ve been working on making it easier to manage officers and ships while also providing more information on their progression. Check out the full patch notes below for all of the details.


Ship Management 

Max Tier Ship Display

We’ve heard from many players that being able to know what the max tier of a ship is, and how close you are to the final tier would be a great quality of life adjustment. The max tier can be seen right next to your current tier (current tier/max tier).

Ship Tier 

We want everyone to know just how much additional power they’ll gain from tiering up a ship. The stat increases will be visible when tiering a ship up.

Max Ship Level Display

Similar to the max tier ship display, the max level a ship can reach before being eligible for a tier up is now visible.

Officer Management

Officer Rank and Level Display

In the “Officers” tab, rank and level of Officers is now visible without selecting them.

Max Officer Rank Display

When selecting an Officer, the max level an Officer can achieve is now visible next to their current rank (current rank/max rank).

Officer Level Up and Trait Upgrade Indicator

When selecting an Officer, a green arrow will now appear on the level and trait tab when that Officer can be leveled up.

Officer Filter Options

A new filter has been added so that Officers can be organized by rank.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where chest summaries would sometimes appear when attacking an enemy
  • Fixed an issue where one Exocomp would occupy two slots after activation
  • Fixed an issue where Alliance and Player leaderboards were appearing in different orders
  • Fixed an issue where some “Sale” icons would appear faded
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect text would be displayed in the pop-up after using Cerritos Support to a ship that has already gone to warp.
  • Fixed an issue where the back button would not work properly in the “Events” tab
  • Fixed an issue where Battlepass rewards did not appear as claimable
  • Fixed an issue where some tabs would reset after entering and exiting from a specific chest’s screen