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Update 43 – Release Notes

By Star Trek 7 June 2022


Star Trek Wrath of Khan is celebrating its 40th anniversary this month, and it’s amazing to see how far not only Star Trek Fleet Command has come since release, but the Star Trek universe as a whole. Just this month we’ve seen a brand new Star Trek Series, Strange New Worlds, and this update will highlight that!

The Strange New Worlds Arc kicks off with the introduction of a new powerful Officer Crew led by Captain Pike. An extension for the Galaxy Tree arrives, with over 90 powerful Nodes for players 40+ to research and acquire meaningful benefits. Lastly, the new Holodeck building will be available for Commanders, and a new Battle Pass that provides new ways to earn and unlock even more! Check out the full patch notes below!

Galaxy Tree Extension

  • All Commanders above level 40 will now be able to research new powerful nodes in the Galaxy Tree. 
  • Over 90 new nodes will be available, including combat and economic buffs. 
  • These nodes will require a new resource, Rodinium Particles,  which can be acquired through the new Faction Allegiance Daily Goals. 

New Officers

The Strange New Worlds arc kicks off with four brand new officers; Pike, Spock and La’An from Strange New Worlds and Reginald Barclay.

SNW Pike, now available as an Epic Officer:

  • Captain Manoeuvre: Prepared for Anything
    • Increase Shield Mitigation by X%
  • Officer Ability: Quick Thinking
    • Decrease Hostile Shield Mitigation by Y%

SNW Spock, now available as a Rare Officer:

  • Captain Manoeuvre: Predictable
    • Decrease Critical Hit Chance of Hostiles by X%
  • Officer Ability: Preemptive Manoeuvres
    • Increase Armor, Shield and Dodge by Y% of total Defense when attacking hostile Interceptors from an Explorer

SNW La’An, now available as an Rare Officer:

  • Officer Ability: Warp Overdrive
    • Increase Warp Speed by X%
  • Below Deck Ability:
    • Increase Max Cargo by Y%

Reginald Barclay, now available as an Epic Officer:

  • Officer Ability: Win Them Over
    • Increase Defense of all Officers by X%
  • Below Deck Ability:
    • Increase Protected Cargo by Y%


The Holodeck is a new station building for Commanders level 15+ that, when unlocked, allows you to take on Missions from the most beloved previously released Arcs. Launching with the Holodeck, there will be 60+ Missions to choose from the TNG, TOS, Borg, Outlaws, Discovery and Mirror Discovery Arcs!

Completing missions in the Holodeck will provide Commanders with shards to unlock Reginald Barclay!

Battle Pass

An all-new Battle Pass featuring new officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month or purchasing the Premium Pass.

New Missions

10 new missions kick off the Strange New Worlds Arc! Join Pike, Spock, Una and the Enterprise Crew as they embark on a mission, to boldly go!

Learn about the new Holodeck Building in 5 new missions where you join Reginald Barclay as he teaches you how to use this novel building.

Join the Enterprise Crew in 5 new missions where you join our prestigious Crew following a mystery trail of breadcrumbs that tell the story of what happened on a colony.

Be on the lookout for 20 episodic missions that will be released for Commanders level 15+ after the airing of the latest Strange New Worlds episodes!


  • Epic Holodeck Avatar  
  • Epic PC First Officer Avatar  
  • Epic Pike Avatar  
  • Rare La’An Avatar  
  • Rare Spock Avatar  
  • Uncommon SNW Badge Avatar  


  • Epic Galaxy Research Frame   
  • Epic Holodeck Building Frame   
  • Rare Terraforming Frame   
  • Uncommon Augments Frame 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the free peace shield goes to the attacker instead of the defender’s base
  • Fixed an issue where the System View level and Ship type tags might overlap each other or display incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where G5 Epic ships had a Protected Cargo: 4 at Tier 1.
  • Fixed an issue where the mission characters appeared on the left side instead of the right side on the mission dialogues God Complex Part 1.
  • Fixed an issue where Below Deck Ability Officers displayed green text for ability description in Battle report when on the bridge.
  • Fixed an issue where a blank toast appeared when a Consumable expired.
  • Fixed an issue where the Officer name “Celeka” appeared instead of the “Caluka” for all objectives of the missions “Twenty Questions”, “Worth the wait”, “Old Dogs” and “All hands on Deck”.
  • Fixed an issue where instead of Ethra system, the home system was displayed after clicking on the “Attack” button in Mission Flashpoint.
  • Fixed an issue where the chat lose functionality when using Numpad Enter key.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mission “Innominate” was labelled as level 40 instead of 51+.
  • Fixed an issue where the Notification for a new Private message appeared only in the tab but didn’t indicate the exact private message.
  • Fixed an issue where the new filter popup and sort filter were overlapping on the Away Teams Assignment screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the new filter popup in Away Teams Assignment appeared larger on PC.
  • Fixed an issue where Alliance members were not able to receive notifications for joining an active takeover.
  • Fixed an issue where Missions claimed from a bundle do not display an error pop up when the maximum amount of missions has been reached.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to occupy Capture nodes in Perim system.
  • Fixed an issue where the Object Viewer would not appear after tapping on Hostiles in the “Constina” system.
  • Fixed approximately 7 localization issues.


  • Added an improvement where the System name is no longer pre-populated In Search Coordinates menu.
  • Added an improvement where the maximum Reputation required in the Faction Store for Stella blueprints was removed.
  • Added an improvement where there is a warning pop up when an Alliance reaches max level.
  • Added an improvement where the BUY button under resources bar link to the Inventory resources tab.
  • Added an improvement where the last filter applied in the Away Team’s menu will be saved after leaving the screen.
  • Added an improvement where the Away Team’s menu filter will add categories instead of removing.
  • Added an improvement where the Filter icon will appear instead of the pencil icon in the Away Teams menu.
  • Added an improvement where extra decimals will appear in the ship details values.
  • Added an improvement in the Monthly and Daily Rewards Pack display.
  • Added an improvement where a Claim notification will appear for the Daily Rewards Pack.

We can’t wait to follow along your journeys into these Strange New Worlds. Follow us on our official social and community channels for up to date news and information on all things Star Trek Fleet Command!