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Update 46 Hotfix

By Star Trek 9 September 2022


We just released an update with the following fixes/changes:

– Gaila was rescued from jail and the changes that were made to her from yesterday have been reversed. We appreciate the overwhelming feedback we received from the community on this.

– Rare and Epic Cardassian armadas have had their hostile ability/buff removed

– Miles O’Brien officer ability should now correctly apply only to armadas and function as intended. New description reads: “At the start of each round, Miles O’Brien has a x% chance of increasing shots against an Armada by 100% for 3 rounds”.

– Mantis debuff has been fixed: Many of you have been impacted by the Mantis cloaking activation error “Not Ready” which now should be working correctly again

– Scoring lag improvements: our dev team has been working on the scoring lag, very often reported at event reset, where your actions didn’t count towards ongoing dailies and events. You should notice some improvements in this area while we continue to work on future optimizations.

– Lastly, today is Star Trek Day and to celebrate we will be sending a gift to everyone. As always, thank you for playing and for helping us improve the game even further.


Star Trek Fleet Command Team