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Update 48.1 – Patch Notes

By Star Trek 15 November 2022


Last week we introduced Deep Space Nine pt. 3 and along with it, the Defiant. This week, Update 48.1 brings with it further improvements to Star Trek Fleet Command as well as:

  • New structure the Armory
  • Cloaking for the Defiant
  • G5 Ship Cloaking

Check out the full patch notes below for all the details.

Armory Building

The Armory is a new building that offers activated ship abilities refits for G3, G4, and G5 combat ships.

The Armory is a new building available at level 25 that will provide Commanders with significant bonuses to the Hull Health, Shield Health, and all Mitigation stats of all their ships. The Armory also provides activated ship ability refits for G3, G4, and G5 combat ships. For more information please check out the official guide on the Armory (Link here)

New Cloaking Refits

Your collaboration alongside the Romulans have produced technological advancements for a variety of ships. Update 48.1 brings brand new cloaking refits for:

  • USS Defiant (35)
  • D’Deridex (60)
  • ROTARRAN (60)
  • USS Enterprise D (60)

New Mission

Captain Sisko and Worf need your assistance in testing the USS Defiant’s cloaking capabilities. Starting at Operations level 35, Commanders will be able to accept this mission and work towards unlocking this ability for the Defiant.

Automated Defenses

The automated defense refit is now available for the following ships:

  • The Horizion
  • The North Star

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Armada countdown would not appear over multiple ships if they were present at different Armadas.
  • Fixed an issue where the Revenge Hostile notification would indicate a higher level than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the Prime Swarm Research Node was showing the wrong value.


  • Made an improvement to officer filters that will not show officers already out on an assignment.
  •  Made an Improvement to send a reminder to Commanders with a full Treasury
  • In the Starship Research Tree, Tactical Cloaking has been renamed to Flanking Maneuver.