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Update 48 – Patch Notes

By Star Trek 8 November 2022


The Alpha Quadrant is in turmoil. As tensions between the great powers rise, the arrival of The Dominion spells the loss of the space station Deep Space Nine for the Federation. It is up to you Commander to band together and reclaim Deep Space Nine from the Dominion.

Star Trek Fleet Command’s Deep Space Nine pt.3 update Includes:

  • Brand new ship: The Defiant
  • New Officers
  • 30 New Missions
  • And much more!


Gambit – 10 Core Missions (lv 34+)

With the crew of the USS Defiant scattered across the galaxy, it falls on the Commander and Maia to reassemble the crew and attempt to purge Deep Space Nine of the Dominion.

Nobody Needs To Know – 5 Side Missions (50+)

The player is taken to a secret location to meet with the Dominion leaders, where Weyoun pulls all the stops to attempt to convince you to help the Dominion’s invasion of the Alpha Quadrant.

The Sixth Host – 5 Side Missions (34+)

After the USS Defiant encounters a subspace anomaly in the Gamma Quadrant, the infamous Joran Dax returns to reclaim Captain Sisko’s body as his own.

The Defiant – 5 Side Missions (35+)

Join Dax and Odo on a search for the missing USS Defiant, and help its crew survive a deadly Jem’Hadar attack.

Looking In – 5 Side Missions (25+)

O’Brien, Bashir and Worf are tasked with tracking down a Bajoran defector, and end up on a wild goose chase through the sector. They discover that the Jem’Hadar have been camped in the Vaara Expanse, using the local Data Accelerators to spy on Starfleet

Bajor Planetaries

How Little We Know – lv 20 

Kira is concerned that there is a spy within the Provisional Government. Turns out to be a zealot, hinted to be following the command of Kai Winn.

Diamond in the Rough – lv 20

Odo is convinced that Nausicaans are smuggling Korkalin Gemdust onto the station. He enlists the Commander to help his investigation.

Stiff Upper Lip – Lv 20

O’Brien and Bashir’s Battle of London program suffers a malfunction, sending them into a dogfight in space.

Holodeck Archives

TNG Part 4

No-Bergine Stew  – Lv 20

Captain Sisko wants to make his famous aubergine stew but his non-replicated aubergines have mysteriously vanished!

Human By Interior Design  – Lv 50

Join Boimler and Mariner as they embark on a shopping trip… to save humanity!

New Ship: USS Defiant

The USS Defiant will be a new combat-focused ship whose initial focus is to progress faster in the fight against the Dominion. 

  • The Defiant unlocks and additional Bajoran Badge and Credit bundle that scales as it tiers up
  • Earn an increased amount of Edict tokens by using the USS Defiant as part of your Solo Armada.
  • With each tier of the ship, claim the next level of Solo Armada Buffs in the Bajoran Store. This buff increases your USS Defiant’s strength while taking part in a Solo Armada.

The USS Defiant will also have a support focused active ability. 

  • Use Ablative Amplifiers to activate the special ability Ablative Armor, that boosts your allies’ strength in Group and Solo Armadas.
  • Increase your strength with independent research.

The USS Defiant can support multiple active abilities. 

For more information on the USS Defiant please visit our guide here: 

New Officers


Captain Maneuver: Eloquence Master

  • When on an Explorer, on combat start against player ships, Weyoun has X% chance of generating Morale for 8 Rounds
  • Base:20% / Small:10% / Big:40%

Officer Ability: Manipulate, Cajole, Deceive

  • When on an Explorer fighting against another player & under Morale, Weyoun’s weapon shot count is increased by X%
  • 76% / 80% / 88% / 100% / 120%


Captain Maneuver: Honored Elder

  • When on an Explorer fighting against another player, at the start of each Round Ikat’ika increases all mitigation stats by an additional X% for 1 Round
  • Base:20% / Small:15% / Big:25%

Officer Ability: Created To Win

  • When on an Explorer fighting against a player & under Morale, each Round increase Ikat’ika’s weapon damage by X% for 3 Rounds
  • 53% / 55% / 62% / 70% / 80%


Captain Maneuver: Translation Issues

  • When on an Explorer defending against another player, on combat start Pon has X% chance to delay opponents weapons for 3 Rounds
  • Base:10% / Small:10% / Big:15%

Officer Ability: Breen Are Served Cold

  • When on an Explorer fighting against another player & under Morale, on Round start Pon decreases opponents critical chance by X% for 3 Rounds
  • 52% / 57% / 63% / 70% / 78%


Prime: Swarm Refinery (17)

  • Increases the amount of Parsteel, Tritanium and Dilithium received in the Swarm Refinery by 500%

Prime: Increase faction rep earned from events (23) (PC First) 

  • Increases Faction Rep and Tokens gained from the Daily Faction Event by 100%

Bajoran Resistance Buffs 

Bajoran Resistance: Increased Dominion Hostile Damage

  • Increase base damage dealt against Dominion hostiles (150%-250%)

Bajoran Resistance: Increased Bajoran Payouts

  • Increases Daily Loot payouts by 30%

Bajoran Resistance: Increase Defiant Solo Armada Damage

  • Increases the kinetic damage of the Defiant vs Solo Armadas
  • Increases the reload chance of the Defiant vs Solo Armadas

Frames and Avatars

Avatars (7):

  • Epic Weyoun
  • Epic USS Defiant 
  • Rare Ikat’ika
  • Rare Pon
  • Uncommon Sisko’s baseball 
  • Uncommon: Armory Building
  • Uncommon Thanksgiving 

Frames (6):

  • Epic Vorta Ears
  • Rare Ika’tika 
  • Rare Armory Building
  • Uncommon ketracel white pump
  • Uncommon USS Defiant outer rim


An all-new Battle Pass featuring new officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month or purchasing the Premium Pass.

Check out the new and improved Elite Battlepass for additional rewards, such as an exclusive Frame!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Treasury would not tell Commanders why it can not be opened with tapping the grayed out “Open Now” button.
  • Fixed an issue where the Damar officer ability tooltips were shortened in the info pop up & ship action panel.
  • Fixed an issue where the Automated Defense tooltip would not fit in the text box correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the “Scanning” prompt would appear over the Treasury Icon on the HUD
  • Fixed an issue where the art of an Officer would not update when switching between a locked and an unlocked officer
  • Fixed an issue where  when using the Discovery the notice ‘Out Of Warp Range’ would sometimes display when summoning any out of warp range ship back to home system.
  • Fixed an issue where Garek, Damar, and Dukat’s ability descriptions did not indicate if it triggers once per weapon or not.
  • Fixed an issue where the Alliance Starbase Harvesters would run even when not attached to the correct celestial object
  • Fixed an issue where the battle report would not match the loot received from a Solo Armada
  • Fixed an issue where the manage ship panel would appear under some HUD options when that ship is being buffed by the Cerritos
  • Fixed an issue where the art would sometimes not appear when scanning another Commanders station
  • Fixed an issue where Alliance Starbases would not be accessible to some Alliances.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes become inaccessible when pressing the “Back” button from the “Join Alliance Screen”
  • Fixed an issue where the iPhone 14 Pro Max notch would cover some options in Star Trek Fleet Command
  • Fixed an issue where Automated Defense and Cerritos buff icons would overlap in the ship manage screen.
  • Fixed an issue where some words were being censored when they shouldn’t have been
  • Fixed an issue where the ship scan screen would not indicate if a ship was cloaked or not.
  • Fixed an issue where Kruill would not display when in System View
  • Fixed an issue with the rewards for the “Carrion Spoils” mission
  • Fixed Japanese localization issues for the missions “Tread Lightly” and “Doctor, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” 
  • Fixed an issue with the mission description for “The Cost of Business”


  • Made an improvement that reduces the warp range requirements for systems in Dominion space.
  • Made an improvement to when the popup that provides information on customizable keybinds is triggered in a new Commanders journey
  • Made an improvement that provides a notification to Commanders when the Treasury is ready to be claimed
  • Made an improvement where a Desealing Rod can be directed to directly from the Treasury screen
  • Made an improvement to the Treasury to give a notification when a Commander has a Desealing Rod but hasn’t opened the Treasury.
  • Made improvements to the Treasury screen
  • Made an improvement for Commanders to directly open the Treasury with Broken Desealing Rods