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Update 51 Patch Notes

By Star Trek 7 February 2023


“There are 3 bombs at the base of the conference hall, full of Borg nanoprobes. One of the coalition heads plans to detonate them during the award ceremony. If this happens… the Borg will assimilate the most qualified scientists of every coalition present.”

The Borg are no longer a mystery to the Alpha Quadrant. Fear turned into curiosity. Curiosity turned into a thirst for power. While the desire for peace is universal, means of acquisition come at a price. For some, the possibility of an alliance with the Borg is tempting. Too tempting. 

A rogue scientist creates a deadly anti-Borg weapon to avenge his family, and it’s up to Commander to decide his fate.

In the meantime, the brightest minds of the Alpha Quadrant gather to discuss their combined means of stopping the Borg menace, only to discover that someone is plotting to spread this menace even further.

In times of strife, great powers must have their most fearsome weaponry turned against them. The Vi’dar Talios has joined the fight against the Borg, presenting an opportunity to turn the tide in this fight.

Will the machinations and intrigue stop the Borg or let them win? Can anyone truly harness the power of the nanoprobes? Because after so many years of learning about one of the most fearsome predators to ever hail from the Delta Quadrant…

”Not so futile now, are we?”

Star Trek Fleet Command Update 51 brings with it:

  • Vi’dar Talios
  • The Expansion Cube
  • More Diplomacy Markers
  • Hailing Frequencies
  • New Officers
  • New Missions
  • And much more

Check out the full patch notes below for all the details

New Ship: The Vi’dar Talios

The Vi’dar Talios is a new Anti Borg combat ship for players level 35+. Upon reaching Ops 35 and  tier nine with the Vi’dar, Commanders will unlock a new mission to create their Vi’dar Talios to combat the ever increasing Borg threat.

The mission, “They Have Adapted”,  will start your journey to creating the Vi’dar Talios. The first part of the mission will be available as day one of the M51 update, while part two will come later in the month.

The Talios provides your fleet with:

  • Greatly increased rewards from the Borg Refinery (versus the Vi’dar)
  • Access to new Borg systems with higher level Borg probes (level 36+)
  • Greatly increased Inert Nanoprobes from these new Borg probes which reduces daily hostile kills required for the Borg Refinery.
  • The ability to take on new group Armada targets, The Expansion Cube utilizing a powerful buff ‘Foreknowledge’ against the Borg’s latest flagship (see more below)
  • Loot bonuses for Expansion Cubes – see “Vinculum Scrapper” below
  • A robust warp drive with a warp range that can be enhanced with ship research – see “Talios Warp Range” below
  • Reworked impulse drives that give it faster impulse speed (versus the Vi’dar)
  • And more

Vi’dar Talios Research:

  • Reclaimator: Increase Borg Solo Armada Credits dropped from Borg Solo Armadas while using the Vi’dar Talios
  • Talios Warp Range: Increase the Vi’dar Talios’ Warp Range 
    • Allowing players to reach deeper systems within the STFC galaxy.
  • Prime Inert Nanoprobes: Increased Inert Nanoprobes dropped from Borg Probes while using the Vi’dar Talios
  • Vinculum Scrapper: Increased Vinculum Fragments dropped from Expansion Cubes using the Vi’dar Talios by 5000%
    • Players who complete the Vi’dar Talios Mission pt.2 or purchase the Vi’dar Talios through the premium store will get the Prime Particles to unlock this node immediately.

For more information on the Vi’dar Talios, check out our FAQ here

The Expansion Cube – the core of the Borg’s arsenal

Join your alliance vs The Expansion Cube. Show the Borg, Resistance is far from futile.

The Expansion Cube comes equipped with Gravimetric Torpedos hardpoints that deal massive damage to any ship that dares to get in their way. The Vi’dar Talios is the only ship capable of countering this devastating Borg Tech by gaining the Foreknowledge buff from Borg Spheres Borg Solo Armadas. Players can gain the Foreknowledge buff automatically when they defeat any Borg Sphere Solo Armada with the Vi’dar Talios and a fleet of their strongest ships.

Afterwards, coordinate with your allies to combine your buffed Vi’dar Talios into a Group Armada capable of defeating the Expansion Cubes. Each buffed Vi’dar Talios applies its Foreknowledge debuff against the Expansion Cube cumulatively.


Expansion Cube Rewards:

Defeat the Expansion Cube to obtain Vinculum Fragments which can be used in the Borg Refinery for exclusive rewards:

  • Borg Queen Shards
  • Dezoc Shards
  • Charged Nanoprobes
  • Active Nanoprobes
  • Borg SA Directives
  • Vi’dar Talios Loot Consumable

New Officers

Star Trek Fleet Command Update 51 brings with it three new officers and a brand new state alongside Moral, Burning, and Hull Breach. This new state is Assimilate.

New: Assimilate State 

While a player’s ship is affected by the Assimilate state, Officer Abilities have have their effectiveness reduced by 25%

Epic: Borg Queen

cer Ability: Chaos into Order

  • Increases your crit hit chance when you are hit by a Borg solo armada (cumulative) 

Below Deck Ability: The One Who is Many

  • While fighting a player ship with Assimilate, Borg Queen increases the ship’s Armor Piercing, Shield Piercing and Accuracy by x% (Cumulative) 

Rare: Dezoc

Officer Ability:

  • While fighting against a Borg Solo Armada, increase all Officer stats by x% for the duration of combat.

Below Deck Ability: Adapt and Assimilate

  • At the start of each round, if opponents Hull health is below 95%, Dezoc has x% chance to apply Assimilate to it for 4 rounds.

Rare: Gossa

Officer Ability:
Programmed to Evolve

  • When fighting against a Borg Solo Armada, at the start of each round reduce target’s Critical Damage by x% for 1 round.

Below Deck Ability: Closer to Perfection

  • While fighting a player ship with Assimilate, Gossa increases the ship’s Armor, Shield Deflection and Dodge by x% each round (Cumulative).





Diplomacy Markers

New Diplomacy Markers have been added to further manage the other Commanders within your systems. The following markers now available:

  • Allied
  • Friendly
  • Civil
  • Neutral
  • Caution
  • Unfriendly
  • Enemy

Fleet Commanders: Selectable Skills

Along with Update 50 comes a new way to customize your Fleet Commanders with their selectable skills

  • Quantum Keys were removed as a cost to unlock these skills, meaning players now can unlock and upgrade each skill in a selectable group, instead of being locked into 1 choice
  • Additionally, players can switch their selection between unlocked skills once every 6 hours per selectable group

Dev Note:
The Fleet Commander selectable skills were meant to be really situationally good, causing some strategic choices for Commanders. Our desire after internal playtests and community feedback was to make it easier for players to shift their strategies for various events and areas of focus.

New Missions

11x Core Missions

  • (34+) – Requital: The Commander follows a trail of crumbs, leading to an individual desperate enough to go way over the line avenging the Borg. In the meantime, the brightest minds of the Alpha Quadrant gather to discuss the means of stopping the Borg menace, only to discover that someone is plotting to spread this menace even further.

5x Vi’dar Talios

  • (34+) – History Class: After a chance encounter, the Commander provides a Romulan xB by the name of Lekasa with combat data that will be used to calibrate the Vi’dar Talios.

5x Side missions

  • (50+) – Birds of Carrion: A group of independent captains invites the Commander to fight the Borg.

5x Side mission

  • (25+) – Collective of One: Captain Cooper Jakes and Sib Lambda go on the trail of the rogue Borg called One.

2x Vi’dar Talios

  • (34+) – They Have Adapted: Reports of a break-in at a Romulan R&D facility prompt concerns that a dangerous mercenary may be attempting to steal details on a prototype version of the Vi’dar to create Borg-inspired weaponry.
  • Holodeck: Anthology

New Refits

Assimilated Amalgam Refit (L31+)  [PC First]

  • Increases the Amalgam bonus loot ship ability by 30%.

Assimilated Stella Refiit (L27+)  [PC First]

  • Increases cost efficiency of Stella Particles by 30%


Cerritos Cloaking (L36+)

  • Cloaking increases weapon damage by +350%, grants invisibility and has a 66% base chance to hide your name and alliance data from enemy Battle Reports.

New Research  


  • Elite Recruit Prime: Greatly improves the officer yields in Federation, Romulan and Klingon Elite Faction Recruit refineries (L30+)

New Frames and Avatars

Avatars (10):


  • Uncommon Phaser Shot 
  • Uncommon Borg hand tools
  • Rare Borg Icon
  • Rare Borg Queen
  • Rare New Borg Hostiles
  • Rare Officer Gesso
  • Rare Borg Dezco
  • Epic Vi’dar Talios
  • Epic Valentine’s day theme
  • Epic Expansion Cube 


Frames (4):

  • Uncommon Transwarp Conduit
  • Rare Borg Sphere
  • Epic Borg Queen
  • Epic Valentine’s day theme

Hailing Frequencies

A new category of cosmetics: Hailing Frequencies: 

The galaxy can be a treacherous place, full of dangers and miscommunication. Socialize with your fellow commanders through animated Star Trek themed emotes as you soar through the galaxy. Show peaceful intentions, trick them into an ambush, or simply show off that new Hailing Frequency you just earned in one of our events. Hailing Frequencies are here to enhance your personal experience and help make new Star Trek Fleet Command memories with you and your friends.

Communicate with other players in real-time. With Hailing Frequencies you can add a bit of flair to your ships and react to other commanders within system view. Communicate with other players off-line by leaving a hailing frequency of your choice within the Battle Logs. Make sure to leave those pirates a Facepalm emote when they attack your miners, or, leave those miners a insidious Scheming emote to rub in your latest haul. 

Acquire and assign Hailing Frequencies for your ships. You can obtain them in the Battle Pass, Store, or through a variety of in-game specific events.

Hailing Frequencies can be disabled, as well as used to locate your ship automatically by long tapping on your ship in the ship selection below.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue on Mission: What Do We Do Now where the 5 KSG Datapads required were not all registering
  • Fixed an issue where the Orion Corvette Research Node Achievement failed to auto-complete
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Promote Next Gen Troi To Rank 2’ achievement becomes completed without promoting Troi
  • Fixed an issue where a blank screen appears inside the achievement when the user instantly taps on the Achievements buckets as well as on the Daily goals tab
  • Fixed an issue where progress gauge does not display in green when a Category is completed
  • Fixed an issue on Mission “Seek and Ye Shall Find” where Objective 2 appears as “Defeat 8 marauders of level 18 or higher” instead of “Defeat 8 hostiles of level 18 or higher.”
  • Fixed an issue where Bajoran Credit Exchange bundle costs are not consistent between 1x 5x 50x at some level ranges
  • Fixed an issue where when upgrading the Borg officers, the XP balance is not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where a”Failed to login” error message displayed when server is in maintenance for new players.
  • Fixed an issue where the SHP value shows ‘NaN’ for Swarm Horde PVE targets
  • Fixed an issue where the Fleet Commanders Rewards screen is not appearing when slot 2 is unlocked at level 40
  • Fixed an issue where Battle Pass Pip appears even after there are no rewards available to claim for the Assimilation Pt. 1 event
  • Fixed an issue where the information in the Alliances screen disappears when quickly switching between tabs
  • Fixed an issue where the Alliance Help button gives stuttering and unclear feedback when clicked
  • Fixed an issue where the Armada name and details (SHP and HHP) overlaps with the Armada’s 3D art in the Armada Full Scan Screen for “37 Exchange High Security Vault (Epic)” & “30 Pirate Stronghold(Epic)”.
  • Fixed an issue where an empty timer is seen after activating Cerritos while having the Mantis debuff cooldown
  • Fixed an issue where the same message gets delivered multiple times when user adds something in chat
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect art for Kinetic weapon was shown for USS Defiant 
  • Fixed an issue where Officer gacha explosion displays confusing numbers for amount of shards
  • Fixed an issue where “Petoran”- System level is appearing as “41” instead of “42” as per the Source of truth
  • Fixed an issue where Warp Range is mismatching with the source of truth
  • Fixed an issue where the user is able to view the (G4) Borg Solo armada systems without a ship present in it
  • Fixed an issue where the Thumbnail Art is missing for the “Anti-Infiltration Protocols” (T2-S2) Skill.
  • Fixed an issue on Mission “Seek and Ye Shall Find” – Objective 2 appears as “Defeat 8 marauders of level 18 or higher” instead of “Defeat 8 hostiles of level 18 or higher.”
  • Fixed an issue where the user will score twice when scoring on hostile kills with a slotted fleet commander



  • Made an improvement to the diplomacy markers
  • Made an improvement to add Armadas to the list of targets to check for auto consumables on battle complete
  • Made an improvement to remove the keyboard shortcut popup on PC
  • Made an improvement where pip for building a new ship should dismiss once players leave the Ship Construction screen
  • Made an improvement where Avatar pips should dismiss once players leave the Avatar screen
  • Made an improvement to Slow down tap and hold VFX
  • Made an improvement to Tap and hold VFX timing
  • Made an improvement where the Pip for Promoting Officers should dismiss once players leave the Officers screen
  • Made an improvement where the Pip for the Event Store should dismiss once players leave the Events Store screen


Localization Fixes

  • Actian Chrysalis – Hostile has “Diluted Nitrum” icon instead of “Chrysalis Silk” in the hostiles name
  • Unlocalized issue with the string “COMMANDER”.